New Beginnings

I’m in disbelief at how fast this past year came and went. And then I look back at it all and I am even more shocked that it has only been a year. The journey of transitioning from life in Illinois to life in Oregon has no doubt brought challenges, but it has brought an immense amount of joy. My heart and my soul are full. 2015 is a year that will always stand out.

Now that we are beginning the first full week of the new year, you have most likely set expectations for yourself and the year ahead. I find goals to be great motivators, but we often put too much pressure on ourselves in the beginning of the year to “do it all” and then after a month goes by, if the expectations we had were not fulfilled, we let it all go. Not so great, right? Instead of latching on to expectations and outcomes, find peace with what comes up. Learn to love the ever changing, messiness of life. Come in to the present, accept and surrender to what is, and act with positive and good intention. When each moment comes, embrace it, and find beauty with what is present.

yoga in woods

It is the time of new beginnings. New career, new responsibilities, and new opportunities. And I am bouncing off the walls excited to continue sharing my journey with you. Much love to all of you as you go forward this year.

“Yoga is not about self-improvement, it’s about self-acceptance.”

-Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

A quick update…starting today I begin teaching at Flex & Flow! Flex & Flow is a new fitness studio in northeast Portland. Lots of high energy yoga, bootcamp, and fitness classes! If you live in the Portland area please come, take class, and join in on the fun! Schedule can be found here.

flex and flow yoga

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