Happy Labor Day + Weekly Workouts

The happiest of Labor Days to everyone! I hope most of you have the day off and are enjoying a nice long weekend. Getting in family time, catching up on house work, giving yourself more time to workout, or laying back and relaxing.

I however have a pretty normal Monday and will be busy throughout the day! My Mondays and Wednesdays are always full…I’m up at 4AM and sometimes not done until 9PM. It’s crazy and traveling last week made for an exhausting week. I have been able to rest a little this weekend, which is always nice! I always function better when I have more down time. I am definitely not one of those people who absolutely needs to be doing something all the time.

Moving on to how I kept myself moving this week. I was still able to get in a handful of workouts between my busy schedule, which is an absolute must for me to maintain my sanity. Lately I have been sticking with Pyrolates 3 times a week and yoga sprinkled in, but this will change once I start yoga teacher training! More on this later in the week! But I am so, so excited to embark on this journey!

Heres how my week of workouts played out.





toesox firebrand sports




Yoga (A full class with Chase at The Grinning Yogi was just what I needed)


Pyrolates + Aqua Class

I was asked to join in on our Aqua Aerobics class at work because I may need to sub in the future. I gotta say, it is a great active recovery workout! And actually quite fun!






Are you someone who likes more down time or are you go go go all the time? (If you are the latter I applaud you)

What did you week of workouts look like?

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