Sleepless in Seattle

This week has been chaotic and exhausting. After a weekend of traveling in Seattle I jumped right into a full week of work. I’m taking on new clients each week and it has become a juggling act! I’m not complaining though! I love the work that I am doing, but I did just wake up from a nap, which was everything.

Let’s get into last weekend and my trip to Seattle! (Fair warning this is a picture heavy post) After finishing up with my last client on Friday I was on a bus to Seattle to meet up with my best friend’s Mom, Laura, aka my second Mom. She was in town for the week exploring the city and I decided to join her for the weekend. It was so fun to catch up and spend time with her! I don’t know when or how often I will get to see people from home so it is always special when I do.

Space Needle + Plum Bistro

We kicked off the weekend with a visit to the Space Needle. It was my first time in Seattle, so it seemed fitting to make this the first stop!

We were staying at the Mayflower Park Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in the city. It is connected to the Monorail, a Disney-like tram ride that dropped us off right at the Space Needle.

We were up in the Needle at dusk, which made for some beautiful views.

view of Seattle from space needle

I was surprised at how big the city was and over the course of the weekend I was amazed by its beauty.

We then had dinner at Plum Bistro. A must hit spot for any vegan. They had high reviews from multiple sources, but I unfortunately was not blown away. I ordered the Jerk Tofu and Yam Burger and was left unsatisfied. The flavor combination was terrible, but I was so hungry I finished it anyways. The atmosphere however was great and Laura and I enjoyed the night.

plum bistro jerk and yam burger

It was lights out for us after because we had an early start to our Saturday.

Stormed Out of Whale Watching

We began boarding the Victoria Clipper at Pier 69 at 7:15AM which took us to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. There were gale force winds in the forecast right when we were scheduled to go whale watching, but we decided to stick with the plan and embark to Friday Harbor.

The trip out was beautiful. The sun peeked out and there were some incredible views. It was super windy on the top deck, but we braved it for the fresh air!

victoria clipper seattle

victoria clipper seattle

Deception Pass

We had breakfast on the boat and I munched on fruit and a bowl of oatmeal. And lots and lots of coffee (we were in Seattle, so duh). I was so surprised by the amount of healthy options the boat offered.

fruit and coffee

oatmeal on victoria clipper

The whale watching tour was ultimately canceled because there were 10 foot swells! This was not normal for Seattle! It was a major bummer, but totally understandable.

So, with a handful of hours to spare in Friday Harbor we tried to keep ourselves busy in the small town.

Friday Harbor

We went to the local farmer’s market. We then went to lunch at Cask & Schooner where I had the most tasty eggplant sandwhich! It was just he right amount of spicy and it was bursting with flavor. The bread was local as well and I had no problem eating everything.

cask and schooner friday harbor

We then attempted to see a movie, but because of the high winds, power was going out. We settled into a book store where I sipped on a delicious hemp milk latte.

The return trip was rough and wavy, but we entertained ourselves with games and chocolate.

Once docked we booked it back to our hotel as it was already 8PM! After a long day at sea we were ready for a good night’s rest!

Pikes Place + First Starbucks + Gum Wall

We ventured down to Pikes Place early the next morning to beat the crowds and watch the vendors set up.

pikes place

Our first stop, the first Starbucks! I ordered an Americano and purchased a traveling mug. No waiting in line either!

First Starbucks Seattle

First Starbucks Seattle

We then explored the market a little more. We went down to Post Alley and the Gum Wall where an Australian TV Crew filmed me doing Yoga in front of the Gum Wall! This was hilarious and completely random! I wanted to take some pictures in front of the wall doing a few poses because it is a neat backdrop. And then suddenly Laura and I are filling out release forms and I’m being filmed with Chris Brown. They were filming for the show, The Living Room. If I make the cut into the show I want everyone to know that I was given no direction, but to just do my yoga poses.

gum wall yogagum wall yoga chris brown living room
gum wall seattle yogaOnce that was all over we knew nothing else would top that and it was a little too much excitement before 8AM! So, we grabbed something to eat. I purchased a peach from one of the vendors and more coffee. The peach had so much peach fuzz!

peach from pikes place

pikes place

Gas Works Park + Fremont Troll + Cafe Flora

After regrouping back at the hotel we ubered up to Gas Works Park. This park is so neat and has a great view of the city! 10 Things I Hate About You also filmed the paintball scene here, which I re-watched yesterday because that movie is great and it was filmed in Seattle!

gas works park yoga

We then walked to the Fremont Troll (also from 10 Things I Hate About You) before taking another uber to Cafe Flora for Sunday Brunch!

fremont troll

cafe flora

I ordered the breakfast platter and the tofu scramble was amazing! This meal hit the spot for sure.

cafe flora vegan breakfast platter

We were pretty exhausted so we decided to head back to the hotel and rest (take a nap) and watch the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders game. We just hung out until dinner, where we went to an Indian Restaurant down by the market. Yum! And then it was about time for me to head back to Portland.

I had a great time exploring Seattle with Laura and I am so thankful for the time we got to spend together. I felt like we covered a lot of the city, but I know I will be back for more soon!


Have you been to Seattle? What are your favorite spots?

If not, do you have any desire to go?




2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle

  1. Seattle and Portland are definitely on my bucket list, but I don’t know when we will venture out to the Pacific Northwest. So many places I want to go and the funds only go so far…

    Looks like you had a fantastic time in Seattle :)

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