Weekend With Mom Part II: A Trip to the Coast

If you missed yesterday’s part one post, you can find it here.

To continue our weekend adventure, we both really wanted to see the Oregon coast. I have been wanting to drive out there since I moved, so I was happy to have my Mom along with me. She loves being by the water as well, so it was perfect!

But before the drive we stopped at VooDoo Donuts downtown for their famous donuts and a cup of coffee. This place attracts a ton of hype, but honestly I was not impressed. Glad to check it off the Portland to-do list though!

voodoo donuts

Cannon Beach

After a beautiful hour and a half drive west, we hit ocean.

Cannon Beach - Haystack Rock
Cannon Beach – Haystack Rock

So gorgeous. And we lucked out with great visibility throughout the day and perfect weather. It was about 20 degrees cooler than Portland, so it was a little chilly when we arrived in the morning, but with the sun we were comfortable. And another cup of coffee helped!

haystack rock coffee


We took our coffee to the beach and walked along the shore. We then sat and relaxed and watched dogs run around, boogy boarders, and people walk by. It soon became close to noon and I was hungry, so we walked back to the car and drove to a market in town to grab food for our picnic!

cannon beach oregon

mom and daughter cannon beach


Ecola State Park

Once we got our food we made the short 5 minute drive to Ecola State Park. There are tons of hiking trails, additional beaches, and amazing views in this park. For a 5 dollar entrance fee it is well worth it.

Ecola State Park


We turned in to one of the look out points which had a plenty of picnic tables. As we enjoyed the amazing view we had peaches, bananas, Dave’s Killer Bread peanut butter sandwiches, blue corn tortilla chips, and water. I was so hungry and this definitely hit the spot! It was also nice to not eat out!

Completely full (don’t put tortilla chips in front of me, I will eat them all) and re-energized, we decided to be a adventurous and hike down to the beach. The path was pretty steep and our sandals did not help. We were sliding the whole way down, but wow, so glad we did.

cola state park oregon coast


Going back up was way easier btw. And I later learned from a co-worker that there is a paved path that brings you down to the beach! We completely missed it. I’m kinda glad we took our route though, it was way more fun.

We were pretty wiped after this, so we headed back to Portland for dinner.

Mississippi Pizza

We checked out Mississippi Pizza, located in northeast Portland on Mississippi Ave. I had been wanting to check out this place since I went to their street fair. They have so many awesome vegan options. I ordered the Hey Jude without pine nuts, but added roasted garlic (my fav) and mushrooms.

Mississippi Pizza - vegan pesto, tomatos, caramelized onions, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, mushrooms, and fresh basil, topped with nutritional yeast
Mississippi Pizza – vegan pesto, tomatoes, caramelized onions, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic, mushrooms, and fresh basil, topped with nutritional yeast

Ah! I know I always say this, but this was truly the best vegan pizza I’ve ever had. I cannot wait to go back for more. Mississippi Pizza is awesome and they have live music every night of the week.

So, this is totally weird and kinda random. As we were heading back to my car from dinner, we walked by a house that was playing loud music, my Mom and I both look over and see a circle of people sitting in chairs all staring and drawing a lady in the middle…topless, straddling a chair. It was just too bizarre for me…I made eye-contact with some of the people. The sign said drink and draw. But I was just not expecting to see that in someone’s front yard. I had to confirm with my Mom if she saw the same thing! Keep Portland Weird, I guess.

Alright, so my Mom had a hotel booked out by her office for Sunday night so we parted for the night. I drove out there Monday night for dinner at Swagat, a really great Indian restaurant.

swagat indian restaurant

I had chana masala, which was probably the best chana masala I have had. We drove to Intel Headquarters and saw this sunset.

portland sunset

And then ended the night at the movies seeing Mission Impossible. It made for a late night, but it was so much fun. I soaked up all the time I had with my Mom and we really had a great time. Lot’s of laughs and hugs

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