Whirlwind of a Week + Workouts

Happy Monday all! I’m currently enjoying a green smoothie before I head into my second week of work. You read that right! I accepted a position as a personal trainer and I am excited for the opportunity to be in a career I am passionate about. And a career that above all helps people reach their health and fitness goals. But, last week was kinda crazy. I am in the process of on boarding/training and it can be intimidating at times, but I’m ready for the challenge. Any other personal trainers out there with any tips or advice for a newbie?

Since so much has been happening I do want to highlight a few fun things that happened. Last Tuesday night I went to a showing of PlantPure Nation. A documentary about three people (mainly Nelson Campbell, Dr. T. Collin Campbell’s son) on a mission to spread the word about the benefits of a plant-based diet. It’s from the same producer and writer of the popular documentary, Forks Over Knives and of course Dr. T. Collin Campbell, author of The China Study and Whole, makes appearances throughout.

Clinton Street Theater

What I particularly liked about the approach the film had was that the movement to spread the word did not end when the credits stopped. There is an opportunity to join or start a PlantPure Pod in your city. I know Portland has started a pod so I am excited to join in! To learn more about joining this grassroots movement (and what the heck a pod is) you can see more information here.

So, while that was super cool, what was even cooler, was that my Mom came into town on Wednesday! She flew in for a short business trip and we were able to spend Wednesday afternoon and evening together. This was the first time I have seen family since I moved out here and it felt so good. I gave my Mom the biggest hug.

After hanging out at a coffee shop, we drove back to my place so she could take a look. Then we walked up and down Hawthorne, window shopping and spending most of our time in Powell’s.

For dinner, we went to Portobello. If you recall, I visited this delicious vegan restaurant during my initial visit to Portland. We loved everything we ordered and left full and happy.

Mushroom App
Mushroom App
Gnocci w/ cherry burst tomatos, peas, in a corn broth
Gnocci w/ cherry burst tomatos, peas, in a corn broth
My Mom ordered the outstanding cashew cheese ravioli...and that sauce...yum!
My Mom ordered the outstanding cashew cheese ravioli…and that sauce…yum!
We shared the chocolate lava cake with mocha coconut base ice cream (omg)
We shared the chocolate lava cake with mocha coconut base ice cream (omg)

Another thing worth mentioning…Oregon Brewers Festival (aka #brewfest) was going on all weekend. My roommate, her co-worker, and I went on Friday night. And although I do not drink, it was free admission and a great place to people watch! It was a beautiful day and night to be in downtown Portland.

Oregon Brewers Festival 2015


Weekly Workouts

Coming off a busy and active weekend at BlogFest, I took a handful of recovery days. I did go to Liz’s 6:15AM Monday morning class at The Grinning Yogi because I told her I would be there! (Was still hurting from Gabby’s workout) I went to a couple more yoga classes throughout the week and I threw in more strength training. I tried one of the workouts on the NTC App and it rocked! I love not having to keep track of time.

Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope your week is off to a good start!

Have you used NTC? What are your thoughts!?


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