BlogFest & IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015: My 10 Biggest Takeaways

It’s amazing how life gets ahead of you and before you know it a week has gone by. SO MUCH has been happening!

Last we left off I was on my way to L.A. for BlogFest and IDEA World’s Fitness Convention. I honestly had such a great time. As a blogger who has mainly used this space for fun and as a way to track and keep myself accountable in my own training, I walked away with a lot of good information. Above all, I connected with so many awesome women. Hands down, that was my favorite part.

I gained a lot of helpful tips and a ton of information on fitness, business, and blogging over the course of the weekend, but I narrowed it down to my 10 biggest takeaways from both BlogFest and IDEA World’s Fitness Convention. (BTW this list is in no particular order)

1. Don’t Overload Your Workouts

Pace yourself. It’s a long four days and you can easily load 3-4 workouts into your day, but you are bound to get burned out. The first day at BlogFest there were no workouts planned, but we did start with a morning run/walk. The second day we had 3 workouts. We started the day with KaiaFit, which I loved. It was a great energy booster to begin out day and it combined, high-intensity, partner-work, and a yoga cool-down.

Sharon Kassity (Coach/Owner) leading the workout!
Sharon Kassity (Coach/Owner) leading the workout!

The middle of the day workout was with Gabby Reece and she kicked all of our butts.

HighX Workout Lead by Gabby
HighX Workout Lead by Gabby

Dropping it back to lengthen the front body ;)

The workout consisted of 15 circuits, 3 min at each station alternating every :30 seconds between exercises. (#squatsonsquatsonsquats) And then we ended the day with Zumba, lead by the creator himself, Beto Perez.


The following two days at the fitness convention I was definitely glad I signed up for more lectures than workouts.

2. Find Roommates

I stayed at an Airbnb in Echo Park. Only 3 miles from the L.A. Convention Center, but not a safe walk to make. I relied on getting on the bus in the morning (5A.M. wake-up calls) or if it got too late at night, I ubered. It was a little more stressful and way less convenient. Plus at times scary…downtown L.A. was nothing what I thought it would be like. Although my Airbnb was nice and cheaper than a hotel (if I was alone) I still would find some people to share a hotel room. No worrying about transportation and you could shower between sessions and networking parties.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Thanks to Sara Downey Robinson and her presentation on SEO Tips and Tricks I learned about Google’s crawl budget and how to not index unpopular posts. As well as Google’s keyword planner tool that show’s you a popularity of a word. I really am clueless about most of this stuff…I have never taken the time to research it, so it was fun to get a blast of useful information.

4. Get Outside of Downtown L.A.

Like I mentioned, downtown L.A. is not so nice. I would go as far to say it was the worst city I have ever been to. If you have time, before or after the conference, I would encourage you to check out the more well known areas. We were so busy all four days that I wasn’t able to see any of the touristy things you think of when you think of L.A. (I did see the Hollywood sign from afar). One night Karen and I took an Uber out to Hollywood to have dinner at Cafe Gratitude. This was a must do for me since I continually hear so many great reviews, and it did not disappoint. Heaven in my mouth! I went with the raw lasagna and I am so glad I did.

Cafe Gratitude Raw Lasagna

5. Introduce Yourself and Don’t Be Afraid to Engage in Conversation

Everyone was so friendly and open to connecting. I went into the conference knowing no one, but I believe that allowed me to get to know more. Never be afraid to introduce yourself, most of us were all in the same situation. Also, make sure to bring your business card! (I still need to go through all I received!)  

BlogFest 2015

BlogFest 2015

6. TRX is the Shit

On day three I took a TRX Advanced Suspension Training workshop with none other than Chris Frankel and Dan McDonogh. This workshop is awesome, these guys are awesome, and their message was spot on. We took it back to the most basic move and the first move you need to master before moving on to anything else, the plank. They really emphasized the importance of proper form and mastery of the plank and keeping it all tight. We moved on to other moves, but it’s always a slow and controlled movement. Some of the TRX guys on hand blew us away with a few super advanced moves as well.

The "TRX Yoda" Himself
The “TRX Yoda” Himself

7. Start Small

If your just starting your blog or business, start small. Find your niche and then your micro niche. Don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured to do it all. The more specific you are the more engaged your audience/clients will be. You will find more success focusing on what you excel at and then you can take that even further. Both Katy Widrick and Pat Rigsby emphasized this in their presentations.

8. The Body is Complex

Duh, right? But, really, it is crazy complex. I really enjoyed Greg Roskopf‘s An In-Depth Look at Corrective Exercise. Many times we look at a clients body and notice their posture is poor or they perform an overhead squat assessment and we see that their knees come in and their arms fall forward. We know something is wrong and we might have an idea why, but honestly, what we think we see to what really is could be totally different.

Greg demonstrating how to approach corrective exercises
Greg demonstrating how to approach corrective exercises

9. Focus on your Breath

Gabby Reece was asked what is one thing she wished she learned in her 20s and she responded with breathing with exercising. Majority of the times (and I am definitely guilty of this) we do not think about our breath when we are exercising. When I am running, swimming, and biking I actually do focus on this because it will hurt if I don’t, but I need to carry this over to my strength and circuit workouts. As well as get better at being mindful of my breath during yoga. Gabby explained that the breath is key to being strong in a full range of motion and that is 100% correct.

Gabby Reece BlogFest

10. Be Authentic

Yeah, this word is thrown out there so much lately, but it’s true. We are more aware of people’s bullshit now then ever before and being authentic and true to yourself enables you to connect more with readers, clients, and that random person walking down the street. :)

For all of you healthy living and fitness bloggers that are interested in attending this conference in the future, I would say go for it. I’m glad I did. Especially if you are a fitness professional, the two days at the fitness convention are awesome. You receive continuing education credits as well. I do want to note that I did receive free admission to BlogFest through a raffle from Jen. (Thanks!)

And thanks to FitApproach, Kelli, Idea World, all the sponsors, and all the lovely attendees!


“I’m joining Tiffany, Debbie, Natalie and Truitt Family Foods in sharing my Top 10 Takeaways from BlogFest 2015.”

8 thoughts on “BlogFest & IDEA World Fitness Convention 2015: My 10 Biggest Takeaways

  1. TRX is the bomb! I discovered it at IDEA in 2010, on the Expo floor. I’d never seen it before, and decided to try the demo workout, which was 3 moves. Four days later, I could still feel my core. Owie!

    Overall, bloggers–or at least the ones I’ve gotten to meet–seem to be a group of positive people. Maybe it’s that I hang out with running and fitness bloggers?

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