Clackamette Cove OWS + Whole Foods Haul

Hi and hello weekend! I’m still in this transition phase so all days are the same for me. Running together like one big, hot, sweaty mess. (Things have finally cooled off a little here). This does not mean that every day is like the weekend, where I can completely enjoy the day with nothing on the agenda…it has been far from it. Instead, I’m constantly stressed and worried about…well, everything. But I have to keep reminding myself that I need to live in this moment right now. What can I do right now that will help me? If there is absolutely nothing, then there is no reason to put that stress on myself! (This is a constant practice-one that is very, very hard).

In an effort to maintain equilibrium, on Wednesday I stopped by Whole Foods to stock up on my weekly produce (and to grab a few of my favorite things). I had a gift card to Whole Foods as well as Bed, Bath, & Beyond, so I swung by Bed, Bath to pick up a few items I had been needing for my room before making my way to “my haven.” Every Whole Foods is a little different. Most stores stock up on local brands and produce. For example, the store I was at, Bridgeport, had unique trail mixes named “Mt. Hood”, Wild Friends Peanut Butter, and Dave’s Killer Bread to name just a few. This one is also equipped with mini eateries that you can purchase food for your lunch or dinner. There is a smokehouse restaurant, Taqueria place, street food-cart, paelo bar, coffee bar, and a juicery! I would happily spend my whole afternoon here.

But, I’m on a budget so I picked up the essentials and of course my favorite cereal, bread, and dark chocolate! :) But dark chocolate is always a must! ;)

Here is a look at the vegetables and fruit I picked up.

The gangs all here!
The gangs all here!

Fruit: Gala apples, avocado, bananas, cherries, and frozen blueberries (this brand is my favorite, I love topping my Ezekiel flax cereal with them and almond milk!)

Vegetables: Celery, cucumber, carrots, brussel sprouts, baby spinach (for smoothies), purple cauliflower, and frozen beats (for smoothies)

I’m usually half and half for organic and conventional. Ideally, I would love to buy all organic, but  that can be a little pricey and my bank account can’t handle all that!

Here is the other miscellaneous stuff I bought.

Specialty items!
Specialty items!

The rest: Sweet potatoes, organic white corn, organic almond milk, organic tempeh (three grain), Ezekiel 4:9 Golden Flax, Food Life Cinnamon Raisin Sprouted Grain, and 85% Organic Dark Chocolate

I pretty much always buy sweet potatoes when I’m out shopping. I have been craving popcorn, so I am excited to pop some over the stove…hopefully this weekend!

The 365 brand of almond milk is my favorite so I had to grab a carton. It is also hard to find Food Life’s sprouted grain cereal in most grocery stores so I always buy it when I am in a Whole Foods. Same goes for the tempeh. And Green and Black’s 85% dark chocolate is my absolute fav! I have been eating dark chocolate pretty much every night since I moved. It has become my comfort food and makes me feel better. I know I shouldn’t eat my feelings! ;)

It was definitely a successful trip!

That night I made it to Clackamette Cove once again. My arm had been hurting from I assume the hours and hours of paddling I did on Saturday, so I stuck to one lap around, .8 miles. By the time I was finished my arm had loosened up a little bit, but I didn’t want to push it.

clackamette cove oregon

I also went no wetsuit and felt much better in the water. It has just been too hot around here to wear one! Algae blooms are popping up and fish are turning up dead because the water has been so warm, so I might be holding off on the open water swimming!

clackamette cove oregon

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! I’m going out tonight for my roommate’s friend’s birthday so I am looking forward to that!


What are your weekend plans?

A fan of Whole Foods? What’s unique about your local store? Fav products?


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