My Bed Has Arrived! + Weekly Workouts

Workouts last week: lots of yoga and one open water swim! It felt so good to be back in the water. The water is like home to me so it was definitely a comfort to be back swimming.

I love checking out new yoga studios and Portland has plenty. Just so happens that the day Iย went to Yoga Pod was there last day that they would be open! I’m sad that they had to close up shop, but I had a very sweaty class! Also, Thursday was The Grinning Yogi‘s Live DJ class with DJ Drishti. The class was taught by Jamie, the owner, and she is amazing. I love her style and adjustments! I can’t wait to take another class with her soon!

Monday: Yoga at The Grinning Yogi

Tuesday: Hot Yoga at Yoga Pod

Wednesday: Open Water Swim

Thursday: Yoga at The Grinning Yogi

the grinning yogi

Friday: Rest

Saturday:ย 4th of July Float Trip (12 hours on the river!)

Sunday: So much rest

It was a good week. Good workouts and a nice balance of strength and endurance. Right now, I’m just focusing on keeping things moving, building strength, and meeting new people!

Wednesday lat week I also had my mattress delivered! I ordered a Casper mattress and although it seemed like it took an eternity for it to come (10 days sleeping on the couch), it is here and I am in love. I have slept like a rock.

casper mattress

Other than that last week was busy with more stuff dealing with the move. Oh! And watching the US Women’s soccer team win The World Cup! Hell yeah! #girlpower ;)

At Bazi watching the girl's semifinal game!
At Bazi watching the girl’s semifinal game!


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