Oneonta Gorge Hike: More Wet Than Expected

Good afternoon! I hope your week is off to a good start! It has been abnormally hot here (or so I’m told), so I’m currently tucked away in an air-conditioned café. Yesterday I allowed myself to step away from the computer and my mile long to-do list and explore a little bit of the surrounding area.

oneonta falls oregon

Part of the lure that drew me to the PNW, specifically Portland, was the close proximity to all the mountains and hikes…and better yet, waterfalls. Oneonta Gorge was the perfect introduction to the beauty this state has to offer.

In 45 minutes my roommate, her sister, and I arrived at the Columbia River Gorge. Before Oneonta Gorge I just had to get a glimpse of Multnomah Falls.

multnomah falls


AH! Beautiful!

Okay, so starting our trek out, I didn’t know what to expect. I did not think I would get as wet as I did!

We did a little research beforehand and knew that it was only .6 miles out and back with 0 elevation gain. So, if you are looking for a hard, sweaty hike this is not it. It also said that you will be mostly sloshing and wading in water.

In the beginning it is like one big jungle gym, climbing over and under fallen trees. Added difficulty: dodging other hikers. On the way out we were so concerned with not getting wet. But, all that went out the window fast. To reach the fall you wade through chest deep water! It was pretty icy cold as well.

oneonta gorge

oneonta gorge chest deep water

I wore an old pair of running shoes, a swimsuit, and quick drying shorts and shirt. If you don’t like wearing wet gym shoes and socks, bring a good pair of sandals.

The waterfall was flowing strong and it was well worth the short hike. We just had to jump into the pool!

oneonta falls oregon

Oneonta Gorge was short and sweet. If you are just visiting, you can definitely do this hike as well as a few others along the same road. I would suggest bringing an extra pair of clothes to change into. I didn’t and I was cold on the drive home. I would also bring a towel and leave it in your car!

And when there is an opportunity and stunning backdrop you just have to stop, drop, and yoga.

oneonta gorge oregon

Have you visited The Columbia Gorge? Any suggestions for what I should check out next? Please tell!

Was your weekend active? relaxing? a combination?

5 thoughts on “Oneonta Gorge Hike: More Wet Than Expected

  1. What a spectacular place…so beautiful!! Our weekend was definitely active and will continue for 6 more days before we start the taper. I am definitely excited to start tapering and head out west to Colorado for our 3 week vacation pre Ironman ;)

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