First Week in PDX + Workouts

This past week has been overwhelming. Change is hard. There has been so much change in such a short amount of time that I am still trying to adjust and find my footing. I have been busy, busy attempting to cross things off my list.

Building my Ikea furniture was a big task. I managed to get everything put together except I still don’t have my mattress. I guess I did order it pretty late, a day before we started driving, but I have been sleeping on a couch for a week! I never longed for my own bed, some place to fully relax after a long day, this bad before. And since I don’t have a bed, my room is in shambles and I haven’t put everything away yet.

I have also been hard at work applying for jobs and dealing with other administrative things like changing my address, my insurance, going to the car repair place, getting my bike looked at, researching how to get a new license and registration, and about a million other things. It has been giving me terrible anxiety.

Thank you Mr. Shakespeare I feel the same way

To combat this anxiety I have been trying to ground myself the best way I know how…through meditation, regular exercise, and eating well. Every morning I go outside with a warm lemon water and sit and meditate for 10-20 minutes before starting my day. Keeping with this normal routine has helped me start each day with positive intentions. And I have made a point to cook most of my meals this week. I only went out to dinner once at a really good Vietnamese restaurant, Luc Lac. Where I had my first Pho ever (I will be back for more).

I have also made time to explore the fitness scene here in Portland. I am already loving the amount of people who commute by bike and I can’t wait to get a used roadie to cruise around in.

Here’s how this week’s workouts went.

Monday: Morning yoga at The Grinning Yogi + Afternoon 1 hour walk

Tuesday: Jen’s (Peanut Butter Runner) Tabata Workout + Yoga at home with my roommates!

Wednesday: Spin class at RidePDX

ride pdx

Thursday: Yoga at The Grinning Yogi

Friday: A short hike at Powell Butte Nature Park

mount hood
View of Mount Hood

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Going Hiking!


The tabata workout made me so sore! I felt it for the next two days! It felt good to move around and get blood flowing though my body after 3 days driving the previous week.

Now that I laid it all out there, it has been a good first week. I have been feeling super homesick though, which I honestly did not expect. But I think this is totally normal feeling and that once I become more situated and you know, have a bed to sleep in, things will improve.

Happy Sunday! :)

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