Stone Harbor, NJ: Sun, Sand, and Farewell

Hi everyone!

I arrived safely in Portland on Saturday and it has been hectic! I will post a recap of the move later, but in short, it was exhausting, beautiful, and stressful. And now I am trying to get myself organized and grounded in my new home. I don’t even have a bed right now!

But, before a few more weeks go by I need to do some catching up and  recap my week at the beach! Yes, right before I moved I had a week of total relaxation on the beach with my family. It was the perfect send off.

My parents, sister, brother, their significant others, and my grandparents from my Dad’s side all congregated in Stone Harbor, New Jersey, a nice little beach town located in South Jersey. This was probably our 4th or 5th time to the area and we love it here. It has that beachy, low-key vibe and the beach is well maintained and not crowded. We always rent a house right near the water for easy beach access.

stone harbor new jersey beach

I always look forward to this vacation because there is never an agenda. We simply lay by the beach or the pool. Read, swim, and wake up whenever we want to. We get to cook our own meals which is nice! And then just hang out at night (i.e. watch the Blackhawks).

beach headstand

My dad and brother's traditional sand turtle!
My dad and brother’s traditional sand turtle!
Flying the kite with my brother and sister!
Flying the kite with my brother and sister!

Every morning I woke up with the sun and either had a long walk along the beach and/or sat on the porch with my hot lemon water or coffee.

sunrise on the beach
Watching the sun rise


go pro beach run

I usually got on the beach early and read. I finished Daring Greatly as well as Eat and Run. Both great reads! The weather was amazing as well. We really lucked out. It was sunny with a nice breeze on the beach that made it the perfect temperature to lay out without being too hot! We only had one morning when there was a light drizzle and clouds, but it cleared up by lunch!

reading and relaxing on the beach

I checked out a local yoga studio while I was there, Stone Harbor Yoga. The studio owner was up-beat and super nice. The classes were fast paced with what seemed like a million chaturangas. I am not as big of a fan of this style of teaching. I did get a good workout and was completely drenched in sweat after both classes, but I like to breath into the poses more. There was no time for that here.

stone harbor yoga

Coffee followed of course. Fun fact: Taylor Swift and her family used to live in Stone Harbor during the summer when she was growing up. She would perform at this coffee shop! Now I say, I vacation where Taylor Swift vacations. ;)

coffee talk stone harbor new jersey

With all the walking, swimming, and sweaty yoga sessions I made sure to stay hydrated. I had smoothies and fresh fruit daily!


green smoothie
Spinach, banana, frozen blueberry, and almond milk smoothie!
Eziekial flax cereal with frozen blueberries and unsweetened almond milk
Eziekiel flax cereal with frozen blueberries and unsweetened almond milk


Apple with almond butter and cinnamon
Apple with almond butter and cinnamon heated up! (New obsession!)
avocado toast with tomato
Avocado toast with tomato and pepper on sprouted grain bread. With a nice view of the ocean! :)

It was so great being able to spend quality time with the fam and my grandparents before moving. I soaked up every moment as much as possible. I already miss them!

bohner family at the beach

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