Dear Running…I Miss You

Running and I…well we have been on a break. A break that has gone on for far too long. How long? 8 painful months! (excluding a handful of runs here and there – nothing even close to consistent) And as today is National Running Day I think it is a perfect time to let Running know how I really feel.

So, Running, listen up.

I’m really mad at you. Like really, really mad. You hurt me. Some days it seems like we may never be able to repair the damage. But, I can see how this is my fault. I wanted and asked too much of you, too fast. After all of the aching, silly me still wants you back. I miss you. I crave your ability to free me with every single stride we take. It’s still too soon, but I do see hope in our future. And when that time comes, let’s slow down and enjoy being together again. Let’s try not to rush things. ;)

half ironman racine running

All jokes aside. I really do miss everything about running. I miss the endorphin rush only running gives you. I miss the peaceful mornings where I hear only my breath and the patter of my feet. I know it is going to be so hard when I do come back. My heart is going to want to burst out of my chest, but I will get back. No matter how hard or long it takes.

Happy National Running Day folks! Find gratitude in every stride you take. We don’t know how much we love something until it is gone.

3 thoughts on “Dear Running…I Miss You

  1. It sucks, a lot, but have faith you will get back. I’ve been there. And this time around have been super paranoid and slow rebuilding miles. Just take care and good luck.

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