Wanderlust 108 Chicago: #rainiestyogaclassever

It was a very wet, soggy, and cold morning at Wanderlust 108 Chicago. But all attendees, runners, and yogis embraced the conditions and each other, which made for a good time.


Over the course of the past few months Wanderlust has been traveling across the country, hosting a mindful triathlon in 11 different cities. Run, yoga, meditation. Awesome right? There should be more of these. I really love this concept. It starts with a fun and non-timed 5K run/walk and then some dancing, yoga, and a guided meditation, all showcasing extraordinary MCs, DJs, and yoga teachers from all over.


So, today they were in Chicagoland and I was happy enough to volunteer the morning shift. I arrived on site around 7:20AM and throughout the morning I directed cars towards parking. The 5K run took off and I switched duties to handing bottles of water to finishers. It was so fun seeing all the runners coming in through the Wanderlust arch! All happy to be done I’m sure!

wanderlust 108 chicago

After everyone was through, attendees perused the vendors and then laid out their mats despite the rain falling and a huge drop in temperature. I was off volunteer duty at 10:30AM so I grabbed my mat and jumped into the yogi dance party started by MC Yogi. Never knew of MC Yogi before today, but I was instantly a fan. He really knows how to get people moving and having a great time. We huddled for warmth around the stage dancing, jumping, and swaying to the beat of DJ Robindra.

mc yogi and dj robindra wanderlust 108 chicago

yoga wanderlust 108 chicago

MC Yogi carried us through a warm-up on our mats before Wade Gotwals took over. Wade started it off with a few partner yoga poses. The rain was coming down more and more and my toes were getting pretty cold so as we were directed back to our mats I quickly gathered my wet, muddy, grassy mat and headed back home. It was unfortunate that we didn’t have a sunny and dry day to fully enjoy the experience since I really would have loved to stay with Wade and then meditate with Sage Roundtree.

Despite the rain, I did have a good time. I hope to rejoin Wanderlust in the future! But, I’m going to enjoy this warm coffee and watch the #PreClassic and US Women’s Soccer team play! Oh, and the Hawks play tonight!!! Have a nice rest of your weekend.


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