A Few Updates & Quick Trip to Portland

Hello, hello! I hope all of you are enjoying the beginning of Summer! Although we have had a few really warm days it looks like this weekend it is supposed to be cold again! Typical mid-west weather for you.

I first want to get into a few changes to this blog. The most obvious is that I changed the name  a couple weeks ago! I’m not sure if this messed things up with my previous followers, but if it did I am sorry, but the name had to go as I felt that it no longer aligns with my message. So, what was formally Sprinkled Twist is now just my name, Jessie Bohner. I’m keeping things simple and uniform across all my social media platforms. You can follow me on twitter @jessiebohner and on instagram @jessiebohner as well. The name Sprinkled Twist was inspired from a soft-serve ice cream cone I used to always get at a local ice-cream stand, but I no longer go there since it contains dairy! Out with the old and in with the new!

Okay, now we can move on. Over the long Memorial Day weekend I took a super short trip to Portland, Oregon. What was supposed to be a 2 day trip however, turned into three days as my flight home was canceled. Major bummer. I was supposed to head out on a red eye at 11:55PM Portland time, getting in on Monday at 5:45AM Chicago time. I was looking forward to having the holiday to relax and get things together before the work week. Instead I was forced to get a hotel and take the same flight the following day. I spent Memorial Day in a crappy hotel until 1PM and then the rest of the day at the PDX airport. There was a silver lining to the whole fiasco. My cousin, Rodney, who I never get to see since he just moved to Eugene and previously lived in Pennsylvania, was passing through the airport on his way back from a wedding on the east coast. I was able to see him for 5 minutes and meet his girlfriend. Being stuck at the airport was worth it for those 5 minutes! I was also able to watch the Hawks play while enjoying an amazing veggie sushi roll that had bell peppers inside and a portobello mushroom on top with mango sauce and a side of sweet potato fries!  My idea of comfort food.

I was eventually able to get home, but with only a half hour of sleep on the flight I was exhausted for work on Tuesday. I had to rush from the airport, to home, and then to work. I couldn’t even think clearly. So, this week has been spent trying to adjust and get back to normal.

The two days I was exploring Portland however were so much fun. It was overcast and cool, but I loved it. The air just felt more crisp than the air here in Chicago. I went to the Farmers Market on PSU’s campus. There was so much fresh, local produce! I wish I could have hauled some back with me, but I settled for strawberries that I enjoyed as an afternoon snack.

strawberriesI checked out a few hipster-y neighborhoods and vegan restaurants. It is not hard to find a great vegan meal here! For lunch on Saturday I went to Harlow and had their Arcadian scramble with ginger tea! I. love. ginger tea.

harlow pdx arcadian scrambleI also made sure to check out a few yoga studios. After lunch I shopped around and went to Powell’s Books on Hawthorne (of course). And then went to The Grinning Yogi for Groovin’ Flow with Matt. It was just the class I needed after a night of traveling and lots of walking. Matt was great and I really enjoyed his style and message.

On Sunday I had a relaxing morning in bed at my Airbnb. I stayed with Rebecca and her fiance at their super cute and cozy Brooklyn house. I had the cutest room and the most beautiful bathroom all to myself. I even had my own coffee maker in my room! Rebecca was seriously such a great host. Very welcoming, accommodating, and helpful. If you are going to be in Portland, go stay with her!

After coffee I walked to Prasad for a delicious smoothie before a hot yoga class with Isabel at YoYoYogi. Without a doubt this was the hottest class I have taken. Packed room, lots of sweating, but it was great. I love sweating it out. Definitely was sore after this one.

I refueled back at Prasad before I hit the trails at Forest Park. I had the Mighty Bowl with half an avocado and their garlic tahini sauce. So simple, yet so good. Prasad and Harlow are actually own by the same people!

prasad cafe mighty bowlFor the next 4 hours I hiked Forest Park. It is beautiful in there. A forest in the city!? It’s seriously perfect. The trails seemed endless. I missed my turn off and ended up going farther than I wanted to, but I hiked for a little over 6 miles and half of that was uphill. It was a great workout. I really enjoyed it.

forest park portland goproI quickly looked around the Rose Garden before I hauled it back to my Airbnb for a much needed shower. After cleaning up and relaxing, I gathered my things and headed out to the airport. I stopped at Portobello Vegan Trattoria, an Italian inspired vegan restaurant, for dinner. I looked up this place before arriving in Portland and it did not disappoint. I was super hungry after hiking and walking for what seemed like a marathon. I ordered the PDX Beet Burger. Made from beets and portobello mushrooms. So good.

portobello vegan trattoria beet burgerAnd I couldn’t resist ordering the lemon cheesecake with lavender sorbet. Hello amazingness. The cheesecake it completely raw and the cheesy part comes from cashews. Pistachio crust.

portobello vegan tratroria lemon cheesecake lavender sorbetThis would have been a perfect ending to a great trip, but my flight was canceled and I was in Portland for another day. Although it was a hassle to change plans it was not the end of the world. I was upset at first, but what could I do. Nothing really except embrace the situation. Everything worked out in the end.

I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend and I hope this weekend brings you joy as well! Who’s doing something fun!? I’m volunteering at Wanderlust Chicago 108, a run/yoga/meditation party. Join me tomorrow if you live in the Chicagoland area! Should be a lot of fun, hopefully the rain stays away!



3 thoughts on “A Few Updates & Quick Trip to Portland

  1. I love portland. I feel like I have to move there someday. and eugene, except there aren’t many jobs there.

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