Total Core Burning Workout

I went and had my wisdom teeth removed a week ago and I have never appreciated the ability to chew food as much as I did this week! I was living off smoothies, oatmeal, and soup. Doesn’t sound too bad, but I missed all my crunchy veggies and fruit. Plus, my teeth have been hurting for days, which doesn’t really make you want to eat anything. It’s been a struggle.

In addition to not being able to eat all too much, I was also instructed not to work out for a week! Hah! I laughed when the dentist told me that. But in reality it did and still does hurt to do anything high impact, like jumping, running, or anything upside down is out of the question. I have resorted to walking and doing low impact workouts. Yesterday, I completed a quick (under 10 minutes), but burning, core workout that I want to share with all of you!

Below you will find a circuit style total core workout.

2015.05.07 TOTAL CORE BURN

If you are unfamiliar with any of the above exercises I have provided pictures and descriptions below. Always remember to keep good form throughout and take extra rest when needed. You can pause the workout if you need a little bit of a breather and then jump back in where you left off!

Plank Jacks: Start in the plank position and jump your feet out, then back in.

plank jacks

Plank Dips: Start in forearm plank. Dip your left hip to the ground, return to plank, dip both your hips to the ground, return to plank, dip your right hip to the ground, return to plank. Keep alternating until the 45 seconds are up! Keep your upper body stable and head aligned.

plank dips

Side Plank Crunches: Start in side plank with your free arm resting behind your head. Crunch elbow down towards the ground and then return to starting position.

side plank crunches

Opposite Arm/Leg Raise: Begin by lying face first on the ground. Raise right arm and left leg. Return to starting position. Raise left arm and right leg. Keep repeating.

opposite arm leg raises

Superman w/ Pulses: Raise both arms and both legs. Hold and create tiny pulses for extra burn!


Bicycles (Slow): On your back pull in opposite elbow/leg and alternate. Do this controlled and slow. Be sure to extend the leg that is not pulled in fully.

bicycle crunches

Plank Knee to Opposite Arm (Alternating): In plank position pull your knee in to the opposite elbow then return to plank position before doing the other side.

knee to opposite elbow twists

Plank to FAILURE: Feel the burn.


Have fun and try to do this workout outside! We have been having some beautiful weather lately! All you need is yourself and a timer (aka your phone).

The weekend is almost here! What do you have going on? Who’s training for what?

4 thoughts on “Total Core Burning Workout

  1. Awesome core workout, lady!! I hope the wisdom teeth holes heal up soon so you can get back to some cardio and doing what you love :)

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