25 + #Sweatworking

Today is my 25th Birthday. The Golden Birthday. This means all my gifts should be made of gold, right? Ah, I can only wish. But this is what I actually thought would happen when I was young and first learned about golden birthdays! My 25th seemed so far off then.

Middle of the week birthday’s are not the best, so I am keeping it low key tonight. Ordering #veggiesushi for dinner, having a sweet treat, and renting a movie. Friday I have tickets for Second City and I have a big solo trip planned to Costa Rica later in April!

Backing up to yesterday though…after work I went to a #sweatworking event held by A Sweat Life. The idea behind #sweatworking is to sweat, party, and network. A different gym/studio is showcased each month. Last night’s workout was a two-parter held at SWEAT Chicago. A trainer from SWEAT guided us through a warm-up and then pushed us through a 20 minute HIIT session. It was 4 rounds of 5 exercises. 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off for transition. The exercises: star crunches, backward lunge and curl, treadmill running (increasing the grade 1% each round), overhead bar press, and the rower. The combination of exercises, the minimum rest, and not being in the best of shape, had my heart rate elevated! It was a butt kicker. I felt like me stomach was going to come out of my throat.

But, we were only half way through. After a quick drink of water we rolled out our mats and we went right into yoga, led by a teacher from Yoga Six. I was expecting the flow to focus more on restorative poses since we just did high intensity intervals, but the teacher really covered all the bases. We did a bit of core, we flowed, we had an arm balance, and we ended with pigeon pose. I was surprised with how many Chaturanga Dandasanas we did…my arms were about to give out!

yoga at sweat chicago


It was a killer total-body workout done with a great group of people. Afterwards we were given a bag of goodies from sponsors and chatted over drinks and snacks. If you live in Chicagoland I suggest checking it out. It is a fun, low cost way to shake up your regular routine, try something new, and meet new people.


The next event is at POW! It’s on April 22nd, which unfortunately falls during the same week I will be in Costa Rica, otherwise I would definitely be there since POW! offers fitness and MMA high intensity kickboxing classes. If you are interested here is the link to register.

Now for sushi and peanut butter chocolate banana bread! Have a great night!


8 thoughts on “25 + #Sweatworking

  1. That looks like an awesome idea. I’ll have to see if they do anything similar in my area. It’s doubtful though since everyone is too busy shoving gravy biscuits in their mouth. Not the healthiest area… Thanks for sharing!

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