RealFit Weekend

This weekend was far more active than any in the past two months. My foot is finally feeling better. The aches have been reduced to few and far between, however, since I do get twinges occasionally still no running.

This improvement with my health has been heightened by the change in weather. The sun has been shining more and we are looking at a high in the 50s all week. About time we get some relief, although this winter has nothing on last year (last year was death).

Bring it back to Saturday. I had plans to go to RealFit Gym in Highland Park to shadow owner and trainer Lucy Casey. Lucy was a neighbor of mine and her and her mom, Cecily Casey, opened up their own gym in 2012. Their gym is beautiful and resembles one big adult jungle gym, any fitness junkie’s fantasy.

realfit gym

She was kind enough to allow me to shadow her for the morning. I watched her teach a total body circuit class where she incorporated kettle bells, wall ball throws, ropes, TRX, and body weight exercises in three different circuits. The exercises covered all three planes of motion and hit every major muscle group.

The second class was a zone/metabolic class that uses polar heart rate monitors to track which zone each member is in. Before class everyone signs in and a screen projects their name, heart rate, total calories burned, and the percentage of their HRmax that they are currently in. Each member starts doing one of the exercises in the circuit until they reach the red or 85% of their max. Once they hit the red they stop and recover until they are in the blue or 60% of their max, then on to the next exercise. I believe they went through nine exercises, two times. I love this concept. It is impossible to cheat yourself and the trainer truly knows if they need to push a member harder. Genius.

We had an hour break until the next class so I jumped at the opportunity to pick Lucy’s brain about all things health and fitness. She has a lot of insight into the industry and it was a pleasure talking with her.

The third and last class of the day I jumped in on. The name of the class was metabolic and it was a circuit style. Ten exercises in the circuit, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, rest one minute in between rounds, repeat two more times. You all know I haven’t had many, if any, hard workouts that elevated my heart rate. Needless to say, this workout kicked my butt, but it flew by. I was able to hold my own, but could definitely tell I was out of shape.

I learned and gained a bunch from the entire experience, it has added more fuel to the fire.

Like Saturday, Sunday was another beautiful, sunny, and warm day. I was sore from the prior day’s workout, so I took advantage of the nice weather and went for a 3 mile walk to shake and loosen everything out. Feels good to be moving!


tree poseThe rest of my weekend was spent catching up on work/studying. In addition to watching my new addiction, Parks and Rec, and relaxing.

How was your weekend?

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