How Am I Not Going Bonkers? – The Foot is in da Boot

The struggle is real and I am now hobbling around in a boot…the dreaded boot.



But, I am much happier having this on than my foot hurting every time I take a step.

The last time I mentioned my injury I said I was too stubborn and didn’t want to go to the doctor. I patiently took about 2 weeks completely off of any exercise and nothing improved. It actually seemed to be getting worse. I took action (finally) and scheduled some time with a foot doctor. My best guess to why my foot was not showing any signs of improvement was because it was not getting the support and rest it needed due to the shoes I was wearing and daily walking. Seriously, my foot would ache every night before going to bed. I knew putting it in a boot would help significantly, as it would relieve the pressure and help support and protect it.

The doctor took a few x-rays and showed me my bone where the heel and the foot meet. The bone was really far apart, likely due to my high arches. He also showed me an area in the middle rear of the foot that looked to be bruising. Makes sense, that is where the pain is coming from.

He said that I have bone marrow edema and most likely a stress fracture inside the bone, if that makes sense. He suggested getting an MRI to confirm this. For right now though, I am wearing the boot until I don’t feel any pain. It’s been a week since going to the doctor and I do notice a decrease in the aching, so that’s a good sign.

I am being extremely patient. For those that have followed my blog over the past year know that I am very active. And I imagine if you read this, you are highly active as well. So you can understand the pain of being sidelined.

I have been able to put my energy towards other projects. I have been practicing meditation daily and it has helped in every aspect of my life. I meditate in the morning for 20 minutes, then journal which lets me focus and set the tone for the day.

The most frustrating part: I can feel myself becoming unfit. I know it is going to be a struggle coming back, but when that happens, I think I will just be stoked to have my body moving again. Hello endorphin rush, I need you!


Any tips/suggestions for the injured girl over here?

Have you ever been injured? How long?

5 thoughts on “How Am I Not Going Bonkers? – The Foot is in da Boot

  1. BOO!! Strength train (arms, back, core, hamstrings, quads)…I’ve also seen people with the boot on while doing the elliptical at the gym. I hope you heal up quickly!!

  2. I feel your pain. About 7 years back I had a stress fracture in the navicular bone of my right foot. (Small bone towards the top of the foot). Every step I took was painful, and it didn’t go away after a weeks rest like most injuries. I ended up being in a boot and on crutches for 11 weeks. (Took an extra 2 weeks just to be safe). Since then I have had no problems but patience is definitely a necessity. Best of luck in your recovery.

    1. Thanks Derek! Dang, that is a long time. Yeah, I am sure this is going to take a while to heal fully and I definitely do not want to rush back too soon. This has been a huge learning experience.

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