Sushi, Improv + Snowy Fun

The first weekend of 2015 consisted of lots of laughing, a great run, and a flurry of snow! After leaving work on Friday I was able to get out for a run while it was still light and semi-warm (above 30). I saw that this might be my last chance for a comfortable workout outside as our temperatures have dropped dramatically. And I am so glad I did!

I took a conservative approach to this run as I am slowly easing myself back in. Before I left I loosened my muscles by rolling my legs and back out on my foam roller. I also rolled the bottom of my foot with a tennis ball, which felt amazing. I am going to continue to do this every day as I noticed a big difference in how my foot felt during and after the run. I then started out easy by walking for 5 minutes to warm-up. I then ran 30 minutes going by feel. I did have my watch on, but I was not checking it. However, at mile 2 I did glance at the pace…just to see, and to my surprise I was going faster than I thought I was. I am very happy with this run and will continue to inch my way forward. I ended with a cool-down of 5 minutes walking.


Following my run I completed Julia’s hip/glute strengthening workout. This routine is great to do either before or after a run. It is not too long (8 minutes) and really fire ups the glutes. Mine were burning and were sore the next day. I have been doing glute exercises for the past 2 months and they were still sore. I did a little core work as well.

I had to shower and get ready soon after because it was my best friend Nikki’s birthday and we were going to dinner than a comedy show at Improv! Dinner was sushi and it was delicious. We had edamame to start and then I went with a California roll and A.A.C. roll (my two favorite) with miso soup. It definitely hit the spot! The comedy show was next, but we honestly did not need it as we were already laughing til our stomachs ached at dinner. I love getting together with these girls.



John Heffron was the headliner and he was hilarious. At one point I was laughing so hard it was silent. That’s when you know you had a good laugh! The comedians preceding him were all funny as well. It was a fun show!



Nikki, me, Nikki (birthday girl), April

Overnight we got some snow, but it was still around 30 degrees. Nikki and I both wanted to go for a long walk…I wanted to stretch my legs after yesterday’s run. Around 10AM we went over to Rollins Savannah, a forest preserve. It was quiet and peaceful, only a few brave runners on the trail. Despite the weather we were glad we went, we covered around 3.7 miles total. We grabbed coffee afterwards to warm-up!



Later in the day we went to see The Woman In Black 2. I saw the first one, but didn’t really remember what the story line was. All I remembered was that Harry Potter was in it. We weren’t sure if the second one was a prequel or sequel. Either way, it was okay. Not really scary, just really jumpy. I probably jumped 7 times (not an exaggeration).

That night my Steelers were playing in their Wild Card Playoff game against our rivals, The Ravens. Unfortunately, they lost and I was super sad. Oh, well. Nothing I could/can do about it! I was pretty tired from the night before and the day so I got to bed early.

Yesterday was lazy Sunday. To the extreme. Well, I did take down my Christmas tree and put away my clothes…so I was semi-productive!


How was your weekend? Anyone else get snow?

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