Finding Balance in 2015

2014 was a good year. But it was a year I needed to get through. I needed to get through this year so I can finally spread my wings.

This year, 2015, is the year for change. Not physically, I already made that change, but change with work and life. It’s time to grow and it’s time to get out of my comfort zone.

As this year comes to an end, we reflect and then look ahead. We ask ourselves, what changes do I want to make, and what do I want to remain the same? This is good, setting goals are great. I set many goals last year…mainly all triathlon related goals…

Here is a few non-triathlon related goals from last year…

  • Blog more (accomplished)
  • Move out of the mid-west (currently working on this)
  • Complete a yoga teacher training (still a goal)

One thing that was not on the radar was finish a half ironman, but what the heck, I did it anyway.

I competed in and finished 15 races this year. Most were awesome with PRs and podiums, but towards the end of the season however, things got blurry.

I achieved the majority (most important) of my goals and really powered through the year with training. Like I mentioned before I was trying to distract myself. And it worked. But then I just (literally) ran myself into the ground. I became injured and suddenly had to pull back. This “setback” pulled me out of an obsessive state with multisport and I am actually glad it did. It made me realize I was so focused on getting in my runs, my swims, and my rides that I was neglecting other parts of my life and parts of myself.

This year I vow to take care of myself and find balance. Balance with life. With my career. With my relationships. With my body. With my mind.

I believe I overdid it both physically and mentally this year. I still want to race, but I want to scale back and space out my races. I am not sure where or what I will do…maybe a few short road races, maybe a half ironman, maybe a half marathon…no marathon. All I know is that I will not be doing 15 races. I need to get 100% healthy first and foremost.

I also want to explore and grow in other areas. I want to deepen my yoga practice, try boxing, and anything else that interests me. I don’t want to be confined. I will listen to my body and give it what it needs and what it craves.

So, my intention for this year is balance.

What’s yours?

I wish you a happy and healthy New Year and thank you for following me and my journey.


3 thoughts on “Finding Balance in 2015

  1. Balance is a GREAT life goal! I hope you find that balance and allow it to carry you forward for years to come!! 2015 is bound to be a FANTABULOUS year ;)

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