12 Days of Christmas Survey

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hopefully by now all the preparations for Christmas are completed and you will be able to sit back and enjoy the next few days. Or maybe you are doing last minute wrapping or preparing to cook some outstanding meals. Either way, it is almost the best day of the year and I am too excited!

I saw a few Christmas survey posts floating around and decided to give it a go. So, here are a few of my favorite Christmas things.

Favorite Christmas movie? 

Hands down, White Christmas. It’s simple…I love Bing Crosby. Really though, I love them all.

Favorite Christmas Song?

Well…uhh White Christmas by Bing Crosby! Haha His voice is so soothing, but I also like Jingle Bell Rock a lot too.

White or colored lights? 

White. We have always decorated our house with white lights and all the trees in our house have the white lights as well, except for one. The colored lights can be fun, but I like to stick with the classic look.

Christmas Eve traditions? 

Ready? We usually go to the 4PM church service and afterwards head to my Aunt’s house for dinner and a round of white elephant. We actually have a wooden white elephant that gets passed around. Whoever ends up with it each year, signs it and keeps it in their house until next year! Santa also stops by for a visit!

Once back at home we complete our last round of advent, which started December 1st. It consists of lighting all 24 candles, opening the advent calendar, and picking the pocket. We then get to open one present, which is always pjs! The milk and cookies go out and into bed we go.


It has since changed a little now that we are older, but we more or less do the same thing.

How did Santa deliver gifts? 

Down the chimney…

The stocking presents are all individually wrapped and stuffed in our hand-made stockings. And then the presents under the tree are wrapped up and piled together for each person with a pretty bow wrapped around them. My mom has seriously good wrapping/bow tying skills.



Christmas Day traditions? 

I love Christmas morning…it has always seemed so magical. It is so quiet and calm outside. I usually wake up early…I can never sleep in. When I was young, whoever of the kids woke up first, would wake everyone else up. One year my brother came in and was shaking me to get up and telling me its Christmas! I was sooo out of it that it took me a minute to realize what day it was. When I did I was beyond excited and jumped out of bed.

It was mandatory that we wait at the top of the stairs. My parents would start the fire, make coffee, put on the Music Box Christmas CD, and get the camera ready. We would sit up there, eating our candy that my Dad would put in the containers we kept under our trees in our room.


They would always film us coming down the stairs and seeing the gifts. I completely fell down the stairs one time…and its on tape. So embarrassing. We open the stockings first while sitting by the fire. There is usually a top of the mantel gift as well. We take it slow and enjoy the morning.

We then all take turns showering and getting dressed while breakfast is cooking. I used to hate showering and getting into regular clothes, but now I love that we do this. For breakfast we have french toast, sausage, bacon, and apricot nectar. We also receive a gift on our breakfast plates, an ornament to hang on our tree. I have quite the collection now. My tree is angel themed, so it usually is some type of angel.



After we eat and clean the dishes it is finally time to unwrap the under the tree presents. We go one at a time, youngest to oldest. Now, you may think my family is crazy that we go so slow, but it is really nice to savor every moment. I love the time we spend together here.

We usually stay home for dinner and have flank steak and potatoes.

Favorite Christmas cookie? 

Sandtart! We make these every year.




Favorite Christmas candy?

Peanut M&Ms? My parents fill everything around the house  with these guys and Reeses cups! I cannot resist chocolate and peanuts in the morning.

Eggnog…yes or no? 


White elephant exchanges…love them or hate them?

Not really a fan. It’s fun and funny to see what people wrap up, but eh.

Do you send Christmas cards? 

I did send out cards this year. My family also sends out a card with a picture…here is this year’s!

Scan0001 copy

What do you want for Christmas this year?

A blender. I officially have gone #oldstatus


Now it is your turn, tell me how you spend your Holidays?

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Survey

  1. It is so fun to have such wonderful traditions. Unfortunately this year we will not be taking part in family traditions since I have pneumonia and have been quarantined so no one else gets sick. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas full of all the wonderful things you enjoy this time of year!!

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