Appleton, WI + Skiing

I headed up to to Appleton, Wisconsin after finishing up at work on Friday. Appleton is right in the middle of Wisconsin, always about 10 degrees colder and a little over 3 hours from my office. My best friend, Nikki, lives there and we planned for a weekend of skiing and kicking back.

The drive wasn’t too bad. I didn’t hit any major traffic around Milwaukee and for the majority of the drive I listened to an audio book. Before long I arrived and we went straight to a local sushi spot. I was starving!

We ordered edamame. This was my first time having this scrumptious bean. It was so good! We also ordered miso soup (yum!) and I ordered an A.A.C (avocado, asparagus, cucumber) roll and a california roll. I am not a big sushi eater so I get the veggie rolls, which I know are not technically sushi, but it definitely hit the spot!

We were both exhausted from a long week, so almost immediately after starting a Christmas movie we were asleep.

Saturday morning, after slowly getting up, Nikki power cleaned her apartment while I looked for lentil soup recipes. I also completed a quick 10 minute core workout to fire up my abs before our day began. My go-to has been Julie’s (from Running On Om) Functional Core for Runners video. She put together a really nice string of exercises.

After showering up we headed to the local indoor farmers market to grab ingredients for our soup. We grabbed coffee before. So nice on a cold day!

We were able to find all the ingredients we needed except red lentils, bay leaf, and celery, which we picked up on the way back from the store. The soup came together so fast and it was so good. I will be making it again soon and I will be sure to share! It is the perfect winter soup! Red lentils, carrot, celery, onion, kale, sweet potato – all the good stuff.


Soon after we were driving to Granite Peak in Wausau for night skiing! It was only an hour and 1/2 drive and lift tickets were only $20 from 4-9PM. Not too shabby.

I learned to ski at a young age, but don’t nearly go enough these days. But skiing around here isn’t very great. Mountains are more like man-made hills (some from garbage dumps!). Granite Peak is a lot better than the ski areas near me, but nothing like out west. We had a blast though!





Before we made the drive back, we grabbed a hot chocolate (a skiing necessity). Why do hot chocolates from ski lodges always taste so much better?

Sunday morning I woke up and drove back at 730AM. I wanted to get a few things done at home so I headed back early, but the weekend was the perfect way to kick off winter and the winter season.

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