Gratitude and Mindfulness

I am starting a “new year’s resolution” early. Why wait? I believe if you want to make a change, that change can and should begin as soon as possible. No need to wait ’til the start of a new year, week, or day.

Last year I went through a huge down point in my life. I did not discuss this on the blog because it is deeply personal, but this past year was tough. However, so much good came from the bad. I learned to be resilient and find the good in everything and all the little things. Being positive and keeping that attitude brought me out of the dark. That and burying myself with training. It was definitely my go to outlet and having goals had me focused and determined. My mind was able to go somewhere else, a happy place.

That being said, I have become aware of all the good and positive things in my life. I never want to take anything for granted – family, friends, stable job, healthy body (which I don’t have right now and I am now more grateful than ever for the ability to run, swim, bike, move, walk!), my education, my car, my bed, food…the list can go on and on. I have lived a privileged life and when one of these gets taken away, it can really open your eyes.

Back to my resolutions or changes. I wish to cultivate a practice of mindfulness through meditation and yoga. With this I also will journal day to day as I mentioned in a previous post. In addition, I am going to try to watch less TV/Netflix. I have found that it has been distracting and using up a lot of my time that can be used for more productive habits.

Why am I vowing to do this? I have an urge to delve deeper into my emotions and thoughts. Hopefully these habits will spill over in other parts of my life. Improve performance with work, running, triathlons, relationships etc. Meditation and journaling have many benefits, both physical and mental. In addition to the overall improvement to well-being.

Have you started thinking about New Year’s Resolutions?

Anyone else meditate or journal daily?

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