Off Season Reflections

Rest, recovery, and more rest. Still no running.

It has been a month of no running.

I am surprised I have not gone completely nuts. Taking a break was very scary and unnerving at first, but I definitely needed to do it. During marathon training and after the race I experienced multiple pains and aches. Not the good kind. I do feel better now, but more likely than not I will be taking another two weeks off from running.

But let’s not get too crazy. I have been staying active and moving my body other ways. Cycling, hiking, swimming, lots of yoga love, and lots of functional strength exercises. So I have been staying busy, but enjoying more free time.

Looking ahead I signed up for a Thanksgiving morning 5k turkey trot with my family. I plan on taking this very easy and just have fun! I haven’t put my race schedule together for next year, but in the meantime I am focusing on functional strength and doing lots of drills on the bike and in the pool. And lots of #yogalove.


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