Getting into the Halloween Spirit!

My best friend ran her first half marathon on Saturday and she did awesome! I am so proud of her. She set a goal, trained, and ran her half faster than expected! 2:09:59!


The race was the Monster Dash, held in the south end of Grant Park, Chicago. We all headed down to the city Friday night and stayed at the Congress Hotel right on Michigan Ave, so race morning was a breeze. After a stop for coffee we walked Nikki over to the starting line, it was a beautiful morning and the nice weather continued throughout the weekend.


For those who live in the area and might consider signing up for this race next year…don’t. From what I witnessed it was complete chaos. The starting line was a mess and the course was not marked well. I saw multiple runners coming off course, shaking their heads in frustration. The course was also an out and back on the lake front path. This path is very narrow and was still open to other runners and bikers. Yikes, glad I was not running.

But, it was a blast seeing all the Halloween costumes. Some of my favorites: Forrest Gump, men as Victoria Secret Models (complete with wings), and two girls as tacos.



I really don’t know how some of them ran in their costumes, big props to them.

Don’t worry, Nesquik bunny did not race!

After the race we went to Yolk for brunch with Nikki’s parents. I had an egg white omelet with broccoli and avocado with fruit and toast. Definitely hit the spot after a long morning.


The rest of the day was spent watching football, more specifically watching MSU defeat UofM!

My time in the city was short, but well spent. I was exhausted when I got home and after a warm bowl of soup I immediately fell asleep.

Sunday was more laid back. I got in a little bike time in the morning. It was a chilly, but sunny. We need to savor these last remaining days of fall before the streets turn to ice!


I am getting into the Halloween spirit now that we are less than a week away and watched scary movies all day. Well, and Hocus Pocus, which is not so scary, but the best Halloween movie ever! This might be weird, but I LOVE scary movies so I hope to watch them all week long!

I hope everyone enjoys their week! Who else will be watching scary movies?

2 thoughts on “Getting into the Halloween Spirit!

  1. Hocus Pocus just might be the best Halloween movie ever. I ran a long trail race last weekend and some guy ran the whole thing in a ninja turtle costume. I have no idea how he did it. The shell part was bouncing up and down and sideways the whole time. It would have been too annoying for me.

    1. Hahah I agree! I would get too annoyed from all the props. I saw one lady with a huge headpiece at the end. She had to keep on holding it so it would stay on, you could tell she was trying to keep her upper body as still as possible. Makes a race more difficult then it already is.

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