Chicago Marathon Training Week 9: 9/29-10/5

Race week is here and it is about the only thing on my mind and about the only thing I want to talk about. It has consumed my life! I have a slight case of nerves, but I am more excited than anything.

With every race, first time or not, there are always uncertainties. It is hard to tell if my body is prepared to take on all 26.2 miles, but my mind is prepared. I know I can do this. Whatever happens out on that course, I am confident that I will be able to push through. Which is really half the battle.

I had a good week of tapering, here’s the recap –

Monday: 30 minute recovery ride on the trainer (6.8 miles) – nice and easy.

Tuesday: Evening 4 mile run (9:10) – I felt really good during this run, progressively faster each mile, ending with a 8:54. Most of my runs end by going up a steep hill. I usually do not look forward to running up the hill, but at the end of this run I was smiling! It was that good of a run.

Wednesday: 1 hour Power Yoga class during lunch. I had not been to yoga in a while and well it hurt/felt amazing. Glad to be back.

Thursday: Early morning 5 mile run (10:05) – I was super sore from yoga and super paranoid that a skunk or creeper man was going to attack me (as I was running in darkness). Fortunately, none of this happened.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: So cold, so early – easy 3 mile run (9:41).

Sunday: A sunny and WINDY 8 miles (9:53). This run sucked. First half went great, then I headed back and was running into the wind the next 4 miles. I felt sluggish and I needed water, which of course I didn’t bring because it was only 8 miles…

Total Milage: 20 miles

In addition, I am still doing the functional strength exercises for my gluteus medius and stretching/rolling like it’s my part time job.

This week has been all about rest, rest, rest. I will check in on Saturday for one last post before the big day!


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