Chicago Marathon Training Week 7: 9/22-9/28

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures cooler. Even though the sun hasn’t been coming up ’til 6:30AM around here, I am loving the crisp air and soaking up each warm day. The weather has been perfect – mid 50s in the morning and mid 70s (sunny!) in the afternoon. Why can’t it stay like this forever?

Training wise it was has been another solid week. Mileage was cut to 75%, next week to 50% and the final week to 25% (excluding the race). So, nothing really exciting happening here. Just boring tapering of mileage, staying healthy and focusing on my goal. Let’s recap:

Monday: Morning 5 mile run (9:39 pace). Perfect start to a busy day.

Tuesday: Rest day.

Wednesday: The past couple days were hard to get out of bed early, with the sun coming up so late. I had a dentist appointment at 5:45PM so I wore all my running gear to the dentist and mapped out a 6 mile run from there (9:15 pace). The run felt really good and it was my mission to race the sun. I was only in the dark for the last mile! Get it done no matter what.

Thursday: Early morning Hard Core class (:30 min). No, it was not easier than last week…feel the burn! :20 minutes of functional strength exercises and stretching. Then I got back in the pool! I could feel a loss of strength and I went super slow – :30 minutes for 1,800 yards.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Only 4 miles for the day (9:39 pace)! 4! A nice jaunt around the neighborhood. Watched the Spartans defeat Wyoming in their Homecoming game. I can’t wait for Saturday when I travel to East Lansing for the Nebraska game!!

Sunday: Last double digit run before the big one. I teamed up with Whitney and Lynn again for 12 miles (10:15 pace). We started our run at 6:30AM because the Bears were playing the Packers at Noon. Since I was done so early I grabbed coffee at Somethings Brewing and headed home for a shower. I spent the rest of the morning outside on my porch finishing The Hobbit (great book), sipping coffee, and refueling on banana and sprouted grain tortilla, pb wraps.

Read through the athlete guide! Doing everything I can to prepare!

Mileage is going to be really light this week. I may get a little taper crazy, but I know my body needs the rest so I will not be doing any more than what is on my schedule. As I mentioned, I will be doing a bit of traveling over the weekend to visit Michigan State. I have not been back since I graduated (May 2012)! It has been too long, so I am very excited to meet up with a few friends and soak in the beauty of East Lansing. We play Nebraska who is also ranked, so it should be a good game!

Badly placed celery hahahah


5 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 7: 9/22-9/28

  1. Another solid week chica!! You are almost to the goal :) and by the way … could you send some of that awesome weather to Florida please haha! The humidity down here is stilling refusing to take permanent hike lol

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