Chicago Marathon Training Week 5: 9/8-9/14

I am back to running!

I was able to hop right back into my training plan last week and if felt great. Fortunately, with rest and a pair of brand spanking new Brooks Glycerins, my heel pain has subsided.

I have modified my training plan to better accommodate me and my body. As this is my first time training/running a marathon I am learning on the go what is best for me and what my body can handle. Everyone is different in this aspect. Some runners can run every single day and that is awesome for them if that works, but my body needs more rest between each run.

Since my arches are incredibly high and rigid they give little support and do not absorb the shock from the impact each stride brings. This impact shoots up my leg and to my knee. My gluteus medius/hips are also weak so they are not giving the support my knees need either. I have incorporated strength exercises into my weekly training that target this glute. I am also getting on the bike more as a form of cross training and I am getting in my stretching and rolling after each training session. However, I am not swimming or doing yoga because of the discomfort/pain it causes in my  left arm and shoulder blade.

This past week started off slow, I was still bummed I couldn’t run, but it ended well!


Bike – 35 minutes on the trainer 8.3 miles.


Rest day – I started doing my strength exercises and rolled out.


Run – I wanted to be cautious with my first run so I ran my 5 miles on the treadmill (9:36 pace). I had slight discomfort in my right heel and knee to start, but it became unnoticeable by the end. 30 minutes of strength exercises and stretching followed.


Rest day – A good friend that I met while attending Michigan State was flying into Chicago for a wedding in Wisconsin. I had not seen her in over 4 years! So I gladly took a half day off work and toured around the city with her. After I picked her up from the airport we parked at Soldier Field and grabbed Divvy bikes and rode around by the lake. It was a cool and cloudy day, but so much fun!





Divvy riding counts as cross training right?

We also dug into a good ‘ol Chicago style pizza. Cheeeeeeeeeeese!



Run – On the treadmill again, 8 miles (9:34 pace). My heels and knees felt even better than they did during Tuesday’s run.


Run – I opted to stick with my training plan and run the 12 miles prescribed even though I missed my first 20 miler the week before. I wanted to ease back into training, not over do it the first week back.

I joined in with the mother-daughter combo, Lynn and Whitney, who are also training for the Chicago marathon. They had 20 miles to tackle so I ran the first 10 with them and then made my way back to their house for 2 more.



I had an awesome time running with them. It really makes the run go by faster when with company, which I feel like I never do. I’m always going solo. I can’t wait to run with them again.

The rest of the day I was running around doing errands before I permanently sat my butt on the couch to watch football.


Bike – An easy 45 minutes on the trainer to recover from yesterday. Plus 30 minutes of strength exercises and stretching/rolling. I had to send my Garmin 910xt back because my elevation does not work. I feel lost without it! But, a new one should be in my mailbox by tomorrow. Yay!

Total: 25 miles

It was a good week getting back into the swing of things. This week has started off good too. Saturday I will be running in the 20 miler. It should be more fun than running my 20 miles alone. Also, this week is the last big push before taper begins! This marathon is coming up faster than expected!

4 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Week 5: 9/8-9/14

  1. That’s a smart way to go about your training. Listen to body and run by feel, that has always been my motto. And that deep dish pizza has my mouth watering haha! I love me some deep dish pizza :) nomnomnom. Brooks Glycerin’s great shoe choice but then again I’m a Brooks fan lol :)

    1. Hahah yes the pizza was so good! My favorite though is Papa Dells in Campaign, IL. Although, my friend is taking me to Pequods in Chicago after the race. He claims it is the best!

      I am a big fan of Brooks as well, and the Glycerins have been treating me well, loving the extra cushion!

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