Chicago Marathon Training Week 3: 8/25-8/31

Happy Labor Day ya’ll! I cannot believe how fast this Summer flew by, it is definitely bittersweet.  Because with the end of Summer comes the start of football season! My Spartans had a great game Friday night, but the big game is this coming Saturday, against Oregon! Best of luck to them!

I hope you are enjoying your Labor Day Weekend whether it be taking a much needed vacation, catching up on sleep, getting your training in, racing, or checking off those items that have been on your to do list. I love having an extra day off from work, it really helps me recharge my batteries. I propose 3-day weekends every week! I can dream right!?

Now, let’s get down to business…this week was a step back week, which translates to less mileage and no super long run.


Laps for lunch again. After 18 miles the day before, I recovered by swimming for 30 minutes, 2,000 yards. Making sure to not overdo it.

It was my Mom’s Birthday! We celebrated with salmon and carrot cake!


After work I ran 5 miles. I felt really good during this run, even though it was sunny and hot! Afterwards I did strength training exercises for 30 minutes and stretched.


5 more miles in the early morning. I was hurting…my knee and heels were feeling it.

I also went to my power yoga class.


Took the day off. I am listening to my body as there are a few things that feel off.


Power yoga class and 47 minutes on the trainer, spinning.

I then made homemade pizza and watched MSU crush Jacksonville State!



I got up early, planning to run 8 miles, but my heel was hurting. As this is a step back/recovery week I thought it would be smart to rest it instead of further putting stress on it. So I iced my foot and watched Friday Night Lights all day. I seriously did not leave my house…it was glorious.


Ran 13 trail miles. This run was ok. I was going at a good pace, but my heels hurt and so did my knee. The last two miles it felt like I pulled something in my groin and my pace suffered. Not good.



My go-to for recovery fuel!

Total Mileage: 23

I may need to see a doctor regarding the pain I have been experiencing, but I really do not want to. It is so frustrating!

I am buying new shoes and hopefully this will help. Currently, I have been running in my minimalist shoes because I have run down my more cushioned ones, but now my minimalist shoes need to be retired as well. I need more of the cushioning for the long runs! Let’s just hope this does this trick. I will also be icing/rolling/stretching.

Who else is running a fall marathon or training for a big event? 

Have you ever dealt with an injury? How did you overcome it?


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