Chicago Marathon Training: Week 1 8/11-8/17

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I have embarked on my marathon training journey. And a journey it will be.

I bought Hal Higdon’s PLUS: Marathon – Chicago 2014 Intermediate 1 training plan on Training Peaks to guide me along. This was my first time purchasing a plan. I usually combine a few I see through Google searches, but I was recommended Hal Higdon by several people, so hopefully it works out well.

I started looking at the program the week before USAT Nationals, but I fully jumped in at week 10 of the 18 weeks. In addition to all the running, I am doing my best to roll out every chance I get, especially after and before I go to bed plus stretching and all that other fun stuff.


Cross Training day. I opted to swim since I am mad at my bike and I still need to put in some work for my 5K open water swim race. I pulled a workout from online which totaled to 4,100 yards. It was tough for what was supposed to be a light cross training day, but I felt good.


4 mile run followed by 30 minutes of strength training.


Pressed for time I had to split up my run. At lunch I ran two miles on the treadmill, went to my power yoga class, and then ran another two miles after.

After work I had my sports massage. He worked a ton on my hips/IT band as I am having issues there. I left feeling good and relaxed.


My family and I went to the Cubs game so I was off work for the day. That meant I was able to have a relaxing morning.

I drove over to Rollins Savanna, a forest preserve near me, and ran 8 miles. Coffee followed before showering and heading to the game.



It was a perfect day, the weather was beautiful, and although the Cubbies didn’t get the W, we all had a great time. The Blue Angels gave us a show as well, since they were practicing for the Chicago Air and Water Show happening over the weekend!

At Murphy’s before the game
Blue Angels!



You bet I indulged in a hot dog!




Rest day.


Another 8 miles at Rollins. Faster than Thursday. I rested, stretched, and rolled out in preparation for my first long run the next day.


Lunch: Veggie sandwich on ezekiel bread with sweet potato chips!


My longest run by a long shot, I ran 17 miles. My second longest run comes from two races, Illinois Half Marathon and Racine Half Ironman, both 13.1 miles.

I was incredibly nervous going into this run. Would I be able to do it? I was completing it solo and I knew it would take a lot of discipline to stay focused and take it easy, especially in the beginning. My goal was to just finish and not hit a wall. I accomplished all that. The weather was perfect, overcast, and a bit misty. I stayed in the zone for the entire run and it went by faster than I thought it would.



My joints did hurt afterwards as my body is not used to this amount of mileage. I recovered the best I could the rest of the day by jumping on the trainer for 10 easy minutes on the bike, light yoga, rolling, and icing.

Then I continued watching my newest obsession, Friday Night Lights.

Total Mileage: 41

I think the most running I have done in a week before this was around 24 miles. Although, that was with a bunch of biking and swimming.

So far, so good. This week the mileage increases!

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