Catching Up – Sickness, Camping, & Nationals

It has been a whirlwind of a month. Last we left off I just came off back to back races in one weekend. And well, it hurt. That Monday I came down with a nasty virus (cold) and it knocked me down hard. I truly believe it was my body yelling at me, letting me know that I needed to cool it.

July 28th – August 3rd

I took it extremely easy for a week as I felt awful and breathing was tough on its own let alone trying to breath running/biking/swimming. I took a little bit of time off work as well and tried to rest and get in some extra hours of sleep. About 10 hours every day.

I started to feel better by Friday, just in time for my camping trip.







I had such a fun time and it was a great break from racing/triathlon. I was able to soak in the sun, float down a river, fish, eat s’mores, and sit around a campfire with my best friends. I had a nice run one morning while the sun was rising as well!

August 4th – August 10th

I still had a cold…clogged up with mucus and coughing was the extent of it. This week was the week leading into USAT Age Group Nationals, where I would be racing in the Olympic distance.

Workouts for the week, solid swim and three runs – plagued with coughing (2 four milers, 1 at 5 miles) since I needed to start my marathon training! More on this later!

Friday, my friend Daisy and I headed to Milwaukee for the race. In short I did not race to my potential. My head was not in it. I had a good swim, terrible bike, and ok run. It was a great experience though and next up is a race recap! Last triathlon recap for the season!


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