Time to Recharge

After the weekend I had, it is time to rest, recover, and recharge.

Unfortunately, sometime in the past week I contracted a virus and I have been sick with a cold since Monday. I cannot remember the last time I have been sick and I really think it stemmed from overworking myself and not getting enough rest. I had two races the weekend following my first half ironman and apparently  my body is not yet equipped to handle that. The overall combination of fatigue and lack of sleep weakened my immune system and I was doomed.

So, this week I have been resting. I am desperately trying to get better because this feeling sucks. I hate feeling run down. The past two nights I have got 9-10 hours of sleep and sustained from any physical activity. I have been going to work, but left early both Monday and Tuesday. Today I went to my yoga class and it felt great. Although I was getting huge head rushes it felt good to get my body moving.

Tracking back to this past weekend, I mentioned I competed in two races. The BTN BIG 10K on Saturday and Tri-ing for Children’s Triathlon on Sunday. I am going to do a quick recap on both as neither of these races were performed at my best.

Saturday: BTN BIG 10K

This was my second year doing this race and it is one of my favorites, so I could not pass it up! In only its third year, this race just keeps growing. I love the BIG 10 school spirit this race brings to Chicago and anytime I get to race beside fellow Spartans is a good day! Michigan State is always well represented!

I went into this race with one goal: to have fun. I had limited expectations and just wanted to finish under an hour and get as close to :54, which is what I ran at ITU Chicago, although according to rumors that course was short.

The elites were underway at 7AM and I followed shortly after. There were just mass amounts of people! I knew from last year the course would be crowded and the second half would be even more so as it is on a small running path along the lake. I took it out in a steady pace and just kept at it.

Only a few things to note. It was a humid morning although it was overcast. My Garmin lost reception under the McCormick Center so my miles were all out of whack. I just wanted it to be over…I was counting down the miles after mile two and thinking to myself how the heck am I going to be able to do another 10K run tomorrow after swimming and biking? Some MSU guys passed me singing our fight song, but I was in no shape to join in. Mentally drained. Those are the best words to sum up how I felt. I did manage to yell out a Go White between my huffing and puffing. I was so happy to see that finish line that I managed to finish strong.

55:36 was my final time. Here is the data. I am happy with this. This is my fastest stand alone 10K and I was feeling mentally drained. Last year I was struggling to get under an hour so big improvements! A solid race for not feeling my best. I hope I can make this race every year!


B1G Football Championship Trophy



Study Abroad (London) Buddy!



Sunday: Tri-ing for Children’s Triathlon (Olympic)

Another 4AM wake-up call! I went to bed around 8PM after taking an ice bath and eating a puppy chow freez. :) I was hoping a combination of the three would help me for this race. Honestly, I do not know if I would have made the drive up to Dousman, WI if my friend wasn’t doing this race with me. I was really not feeling it.

I really couldn’t take this race too seriously…I just wanted to finish.

Swim – This race was pretty small so for the olympic there was just an elite wave, men’s wave, and then women’s wave. The sprint started right after.

We waded in the water for a minute and then we were off. I did not make any effort to position myself at the start of the race, but I was on the inside. I took a few steps in the water then dove in, sidestepping those in front of me. As I started swimming I saw no one coming with me…race mode was turned on. I powered through the two laps around the lake. I hit the men’s wave before I got to the second buoy, so it was a battle dodging them the rest of the way. As I turned to start my second lap I could not see the next buoy. I was swimming blindly to it. To my left it looked like to men were cutting across and I was not sure if that was the route I needed to take. Thankfully, I went with my gut and kept straight and by shear luck I came up on the buoy.


Here is the data. I was first out of the water for the women’s wave, second female, and fifth overall. I was very pleased with this result, if every other leg was a disaster at least I had a good swim!


T1 – Just a short skip up into transition, off went my cap/goggles/wetsuit, and on went my shoes/sunglasses/helmet. Second fastest T1 time for females! Keep transitions simple my friends.


Bike – The course was two laps as well. It was flat, but I could immediately feel the fatigue in my legs. I was tired and all I was thinking was just get through it, just survive. So bad to think during a race! My legs did warm up after a while, but I was not at full strength. To make matters worse, I kept straight during a spot where I should have turned! First time doing that in a race…


As I rolled into transition I was glad to be off the bike and onto the last leg.


I could have done so much better if I was fresh, but I also could have done a lot worse. I am proud of what I was able to muster out. Here is the data.

T2 –  Nothing special.


Run – Flatest run ever. It took us out to a high way where we did a couple out and backs. It also had two spots where we run on grass…and I hate running on grass. I always go slower because I think I am going to roll an ankle. I knew the olympic was a two lap course…again, but I thought we were going to stay on the highway, but no, they had us run all the way back to transition, steps away from the finish line then run back through the grass to the highway. That really killed me mentally. I thought I was going to just give up and walk because I felt like crap, but I surprised myself and kept running. I ran at my pace and just kept cool. I finished with a smile and relief.



I could not believe I ran under an hour for the 10K. I was happy that I kept it together and finished. I placed 2nd in my age group and 14th female.


I did not care what my overall time was. I was just glad to be done!



Overall, doing this race was beneficial. I want to be more familiar with this distance going into Nationals, which is my next race. We are already under two weeks!!

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