Half Ironman Racine Training: 7/7-7/13

Taper officially kicked off last week, it sure didn’t seem like it though. Although time and mileage were decreased, my legs feel very fatigued. I did have a good brick workout and ride that boosted my confidence. I also slept for 10 hours Saturday night, which made me feel extremely better.

Here is last week’s recap:

Monday 7/7:

Rest Day

Tuesday 7/9:

AM swim 2,700 yards. PM workout on the trainer, 45 min.

Wednesday 7/10:

AM run 4.8 miles. This run flew by! And then Power Yoga class! She threw in some tough core work…definitely felt it the next couple of days.

Thursday 7/11:

PM brick, 1 hr 10 min followed by an easy 16 min run, almost 2 miles, in new shoes. I just purchased the Saucony Fastwitch 6. Very light…my legs felt really good.

Friday 7/12:

AM swim, 3,100 yard workout. Main set was 6 x 300 – #1 & #4 moderate (70%), #2 & #5 harder (80%) and #3 & #6 fast (90%).

Saturday 7/13:

Grayslake 5K

Sunday 7/14:

As promised I got my butt outdoors and rode for 40.8 miles. It was a beautiful, sunny, and slightly cool morning. I needed to keep the ride under 75% effort, I kept telling myself to keep it easy…so hopefully that is a good thing! Moving time was just over 2 and a half hours.

IMG_2280 IMG_2282

I then spent the rest of my Sunday eating and watching Game of Thrones! No question I binge watched at least 4 episodes.

IMG_2283 IMG_2285

Happy tummy!


Run | Time 1 hr 45 min | Mileage 11.69

Cycle | Time 4 hrs 28 min | Mileage 64.57

Swim | Time 1 hr 38 min | Mileage 3.28

Total Time: 8 hrs 52 min     Total Mileage: 79.54

This last week, going into race day, I am taking it easy and desperately trying to recover my legs. Plan is to get 8 + hours of sleep each night,  roll out with the stick and do deep stretches every night. I am also getting a sports massage tomorrow.

Yesterday I swam for 3,200 yards (fast 50s was the name of the game). Today I am taking an extra rest day. The rest of the week calls for one last run session, a few bike workouts and a swim!

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