RR: 2014 Grayslake 5K

Hometown race. I decided to give it a go, why not? I really wanted to see what I could do in a stand alone 5K, if I could maybe do better than my 24:36 I ran during the Naperville Esprit de She Tri.

Easy morning. Woke up, had breakfast, got dressed, put on my bib, and then set out around 7:30 for my warm-up run that conveniently led me downtown to the start of the race. Can every race be this easy?

After some dynamic warm-ups and a few sprints I made my way to the start line. I was already sweating. Although it was overcast, the humidity was high. 8:00 we were off. I started off fast and I knew I was going too fast. My legs started to feel heavy almost immediately, not light and fresh, so that was not a good sign. I still kept with it.

Mile 1: 7:34

I knew every street and turn as I run them for most of my training. I don’t know if this was a good or bad thing though. I found myself settling into a easier, sustainable pace like I would when training, and not pushing myself hard enough like I should be in a 5K.

I could just feel my legs dieing on me…

IMG_2291 IMG_2289

Mile 2: 8:23

Ok, just hold on for 1 more mile. Thoughts going through my head…”Legs hurt so much”….”Done”…”I just want this to be over.”

Yeah, not so positive.


Mile 3: 8:45

I rounded the last corner and made a decent effort towards the finish.

Mile .1: 7:43 pace

I was relieved to be done because that one hurt. I came in just over 25 min, 25:09. I was disappointed in my time, but last year I raced the same course and came in at 27:50. Huge improvement! All things considered…not being fresh or well rested, the humidity, and terrible pacing…it was not that bad.


During my cool-down and walk home I had some time to think. I am convinced that I run so much better off the bike. My reasoning: my cadence is high coming off of the bike so muscle memory just takes my legs away. It is like my legs are numb and they just go. Is this true for anyone else? Or am I just nuts? I also think I care more when it comes to triathlons and I do not want the girls behind me to catch me.

Whatever the case may be, I had a good time and if anything it was a great tempo workout! I placed third in my age group and got this cool stein!


I can put lots of water in this big glass!

My big race this season, 70.3 Racine, is only one week away and my training has not been for short races, but rather long, endurance ones. Hopefully I can rest up enough for my legs to feel fresh come next Sunday!

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