Half Ironman Racine Training: 6/23-6/29 & 6/30-7/6

Ironman 70.3 Racine is only TWO weeks away…sorta freaking out, but I am trying to stay calm, trust all the training I have put in, and build up that confidence. I want to finish and I want to finish strong.

I missed last week’s training recap so I am going to do a run down of the past two weeks.

Monday 6/23:

Rode for 2 hrs and 34 min on the trainer, 35 miles.

Tuesday 6/24:

2,600 yard swim for 41 min.

Wednesday 6/25:

AM run, 50 min for a total of 5.51 miles. This was somewhat of a tempo run, 2 x 15 min at 85% with 5 min recovery between. Average pace was 9:05/mile.

1 hr of yoga during lunch.

PM trainer workout, 1 hr 5 min, 15.17 miles.

Thursday 6/26:

Rest Day – 1 hr sports massage to prepare for my upcoming race.

Friday 6/27:

I kept it light, 3,500 yards of swimming, 54 min. Yoga/stretching for 30 min during lunch.

Saturday 6/28:

AM shake out run for 30 min, 3.13 miles, 9:35 easy pace.

Rode for around 9 miles from Wrigley to Buckingham Fountain. I also did way to much walking…

Sunday 6/29:

ITU World Triathlon Chicago Olympic


Run | Time 2 hrs 14 min | Mileage 14.84

Cycle | Time 5 hrs 30 min? | Mileage 85

Swim | Time 2 hrs | Mileage 4.38

Total Time: 12 hrs 14 min     Total Mileage: 104.22

Now here is my training for last week.

Monday 6/30:

Rest Day – Felt very sore from ITU Chicago. New distance, new pains!

Tuesday 7/1:

Laps for lunch! 2,500 yard workout in 45 min. The workout was at 75% intensity or below, great for shaking out post race stiffness. I was still feeling out of it from the race, so I kept my training to just the swim.

Wednesday 7/2:

AM run for 1 hr and 10 min, 7.3 miles at a 9:35 average pace. 15:00 warm-up bringing the HR to 70%, 6 x (20 sec strides with 1:40 easy jog after each), then a 30:00 tempo run at 75% followed by a complete cool-down.

Power Yoga class during lunch, 1 hr.

Thursday 7/3:

I finally got a ride in on the trainer Thursday morning. Rode for 1 hr 40 min, 23.2 miles. It was a great workout…a warm-up followed by some fast spinning. Main set was 2 x 20:00 with 10:00 recovery spin in between. First 20:00 at 80%, second ending at 88%.

We were able to leave work early because of the holiday weekend so I was able to go to the gym and swim around 1:30! Swam for 3,300 yards in 52 min. Main set: 2 x (300 at 75% – 30 sec rest, 3 x 100 at 85% – 10 sec rest after each, 300 at 80% – 30 sec rest, 6 x 50 at 90% – 10 sec rest after each) 1:00 recovery be tween the sets. I then stretched and rolled out for about 20 minutes.

Friday 7/4:

4th of JULY! Mid-morning I started my workout. I opted to stay indoors and compete this “long ride” on the trainer. It was supposed to be a 4 hour outdoor ride, but I completed 2 hours indoors at an easy pace, 24 miles. I quickly changed shorts and bolted out of the house for a 45 min run. First 30 min were at a hard intensity, 85%. This run actually felt great, especially for how crummy I felt on the bike. A 15 min cool-down followed for a total of 5.04 miles at an average pace of 8:55/mile.

 Saturday 7/5:

Morning open water swim. I swam at a steady pace never really pushing it for 36 min, 1.38 miles. I focused on staying smooth and stretched out, which was the exact opposite of what I was doing during the ITU Chicago swim.

I spent the rest of the day on a boat with some friends! It was a nice day, very relaxing and full of laughs, I rode a jet ski too!



Sunday 7/6:

Morning long run, 1 hr 40 min, 10.2 miles. This run was at a gentle pace although it still felt hard. I think I was sore/tired from the day before, but it was still a solid long run as I was able to pick it up at the end and still feel good. Le Tour was on, as well as the men’s final match at Wimbledon so I switched be tween the two while I completed a 45 min recovery spin (cadence held between 90-100 rpm). Le Tour was definitely helping in the motivation category…those men work!

After scarfing down watermelon and two organic rice cakes with peanut butter I was off to a local hot yoga class, 1 hr 15 min. Somehow I was still feeling pretty strong and it was a great recovery workout to end the week.

I met up with two girlfriends I have not seen in so long for coffee/lunch afterwards. It was great catching up and seeing them. I was happy to get home though and shower, since I had been sweating since 7:30! I then went to see 22 Jump Street with friends, hilarious!


Run | Time 3 hrs 35:30 min | Mileage 22.54

Cycle | Time 4 hrs 25 min | Mileage 57.2

Swim | Time 2 hrs 13:35 min | Mileage 4.68

Total Time: 12 hrs 29 min     Total Mileage: 84.42

All in all, it has been a good two weeks of training. As you might see though I have not been riding outside. To tell you the truth, it makes me super nervous to ride around the roads by me, I just do not trust the people driving and potholes/badly damaged pavement pisses me off. That being said, I am getting sick of riding inside and the trainer is so much harder than being outside because of the resistance…my average mph is so much slower than when I ride outside and I am putting a lot more effort in. Hopefully I will get in an outdoor ride this weekend after my 5K race on Saturday. Fingers crossed.


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