Half Ironman Racine Training : 6/16-6/22

Overall, last week was light.

Monday 6/16:

Rest Day

Tuesday 6/17:

Up early for a a 2,500 yard swim workout. Then 1 hr 5 min on the trainer after work. Workout was…

10 min warm up (increasing to 70% effort), 4×15 sec fast spinning @110+ rpm cadence with 45 sec recovery after each, 4×7:00 @85% with 3:00 recovery after each repeat (done at 85 rpm), then a complete cool down…

Cue exhaustion.

Wednesday 6/18:

After a big week prior and a solid training day the day before I was worn out. Managed to go to my power yoga class, 1 hr. This class just makes me happy.

Thursday 6/19:

AM Run on the high school track. I ran there and continued my warm up then did 4×20 sec pick-ups with 40 sec recovery after each. Main set was 6 x 3:00 @85% with 2:00 @65% after each interval. Last two were around 90% intensity. Cool down run back home. When all was said and done the run totaled 7 miles, 1 hr 5 min, solid!

PM Swim of 3,000 yards, pretty tough workout with 6x50s sprint at the end, 10 sec rest in between.

Friday 6/20:

AM Swim workout, 2,500 yards. During lunch I went to go to my power yoga class, but the sub never showed! So, I fooled around and did my own thing for an hour. Worked on headstands/handstands and arm balances. I also held a lot of hip opening poses. I felt great leaving the gym.

Saturday 6/21:

A nice long ride followed by a run was scheduled for Saturday morning, but yep that did not happen. No excuses here…just was not feeling it. I did get a couple of new swimsuits for training though! Other than that, relax and recovery.

Sunday 6/22:

Got up pretty early and ran the same route as last week. Ran for 1 hr 30 min, 9.2 miles. Struggled to find the energy, after 4 miles I finally felt better. Shortly after the run I got on the trainer and pedaled it out for an easy 30 min.

It was a beautiful day so I tried to stay outside as much as possible. I had lunch outside with a friend on a lake, read in the shade, but then it was time to watch the Men’s U.S. soccer team take on Portugal. The game was a blast to watch, super glad they made it to the round of 16!



Run | Time 2 hrs 35 min | Mileage 16.2

Cycle | Time 1 hr 35 min | Mileage 22.7

Swim | Time 2 hrs 14 min | Mileage 4.54

Total Time: 8 hrs 24 min     Total Mileage: 43.44


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