Half Ironman Racine Training: 6/9-6/15

Only 5 more weeks until Racine! Crazy! I can’t believe how fast time is flying, but I am happy to say that I was really able to put in some work this week. Most importantly, I completed my long run, which is always a struggle.

Monday 6/9:

Rest Day

Tuesday 6/10:

Swam 2,600 yards in the morning, 45 min. Then biked on the trainer after work for 1 hour and 10 min, 17.1 miles.

Wednesday 6/11:

Ran in the morning for 50 min. It was raining pretty bad so I took my run inside at my gym. They have an indoor track, 9 laps = 1 mile. I was around 5.5 miles and yes I had a fun time counting the laps…

Power Yoga class for lunch, 1 hour. It is safe to say that she KILLED my legs. Ouch.

Thursday 6/12:

Swam 3,250 yards before work, 53 min. Lots of high intensity 50s with little rest. Ran for an hour after work. Speed drills at the track, 6.7 miles total. This workout HURT, no bueno. Felt great to be done.

Friday 6/13:

Swam 2,500 yards in the morning, 45 min. Walked for a bit as well.

For some Friday night fun I finally saw The Fault in Our Stars! Yay! I read the book a few months back and I have been highly anticipating the movie release. It did not disappoint. They really did a great job of capturing the emotion and relationship between Hazel and Gus. Bring tissues! I could hear so many people crying/sniffling.

Saturday 6/14:

Up and at it early once again for 3 hours and 24 min of road time. Went up north for some quiet country roads.


Short break for a peach! Also ate a power bar and drank my Gatorade mix.

IMG_2095 IMG_2096

Completed just over 60 miles. Once I made it back home I quickly changed my shorts and put on my running shoes for a 20 min run, 2.32 miles. It was a warm day and my heart rate was high by the end of the run. Oh, and my legs were feeling it too. Walked it off and stretched it out. I then drove to get ice and a coffee and then slipped into an ice bath for 10 minutes. It felt amazing.

After a shower and lunch,


I took advantage of the nice day and read outside. I am currently reading Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte. I am surprised I have never read this novel before, it is a classic! I have really been enjoying the read so far.

IMG_2100IMG_2102Spent the evening recovering and catching up on shows…

IMG_2103Look at that tan line!

Sunday 6/15:

Ran for 1 hour and 23 min. It was a perfect morning, nice and cool. I was actually smiling and really enjoying my slow paced run. Covered 8.73 miles. I had already set my bike up on the trainer so I got right on for an hour. I really wanted to get off and be done, but I stuck it out and once the hour was up it was back outside for an easy 30 min run. I was moving at a snail pace, but I had to remind myself that you are running on tired legs. I was happy to be done!


Run | Time 4 hr 3 min | Mileage 26.35

Cycle | Time 5 hrs 34 min | Mileage 91.52

Swim | Time 2 hrs 27 min | Mileage 4.75

Total Time: 13 hrs 4 min     Total Mileage: 122.62

It was a big week and I am still tired. I really need to get more sleep/take naps when I can. Yesterday I had off, but this morning I woke up to get on the trainer, but it was raining outside and it made me tired so I went back to sleep for a bit. Whoops. Planning to swim and ride after work.

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