Half Ironman Racine Training : 5/26-6/1

The past month of training has gone great. I crave my structured schedule and routine, and workouts have turned into a habit, a habit that I enjoy. Yeah, at times it is hard to jump on the bike after a long day or plunge into a cold pool early in the morning, but oh, it is worth it, always. I have been hitting most, if not all of my workouts, and the first week back after Austin was my biggest week yet.

Monday 5/26:

Memorial Day. Rest Day. I caught up on sleep that I lost from late nights and early mornings in Austin.

Tuesday 5/27:

AM Bike on the trainer, 1 hour 20 min, 19.42 miles. PM Swim, 40 min, 2,500 yards, 1.42 miles. Overall, nice, strong day of training.

Wednesday 5/28:

AM Run around town, 1 hour, 6.62 miles, 9:04 pace. During my lunch hour I went to Power Yoga at my gym, 1 hour of pain and pleasure. PM Bike on the trainer, 1 hour 40 min, 24.09 miles. Lots of work put in this day!

Thursday 5/29:

AM Swim, 57 min, 3,400 yards, 1.93 miles. How I got to the pool in the morning, after the day I had before, is beyond me. After work I mowed the grass for my Dad who was out of town, took me 45 minutes, it was a nice way to recover and keep loose. My Mom and I enjoyed a nice dinner at The Vine afterwards and a treat from Tastee Freez!

Friday 5/30:

AM Run on the track, 55 min, 6.15 miles, 8:57 pace. Power Yoga for lunch, 1 hour. Ended the day with a homemade pizza and a night of watching Girls! I know, I live a thrilling life.

Saturday 5/31:

I was feeling a bit run down Saturday morning and decided to have a lazy day and move my long bike to Sunday. Oops, just not feeling it. I did get out for a short run in the afternoon, 36 min, 4.1 miles, 8:48 pace. It was hot. I wanted to get a long run in this weekend, but it didn’t happen, I think my body needed a bit more recovery.

Sunday 6/1:

Woke up early and prepared for a long bike ride down to Highland Park and back. I left a tad before 6AM. I started the ride rolling around my town then I made my way down through Libertyville and into Lake Forest. I took the bike path south and then into downtown Highland Park. Ram Racing was having their North Shore Classic Half Marathon race during the time I was down there, 5K racers just finished, but the Half Marathon people were still on course. It was something interesting that I could focus on. I was about mid way through my ride so I took a break at Once Upon a Bagel.


I had an Everything Season Whole Wheat bagel with cream cheese, side of fruit, and some coffee.


Once I had refueled I was back on the road. I made it to Fort Sheridan and took the loop. The elite runners from the race were running through there so I cheered on the girls as I rode by them and jumped back on the bike path north. Total actual riding time was around 4 hours 10 min, 71 miles, 17.04 mph. A pretty solid ride for me. I felt strong throughout and never really hit a wall. I ran/walked it off and stretched before showering and eating some peanut butter! The weather was great, sunny and cool in the morning. A pretty perfect day.


Here are the total stats for the week…

Run | Time 2 hrs 33:11 min | Mileage 17.12

Cycle | Time 7 hrs 10 min | Mileage 114.51

Swim | Time 1 hr 36:22 min | Mileage 3.35

Total Time: 14 hrs 4 min  Total Mileage: 134.98

I promise this week’s recap of training will be posted earlier! I hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a sprint triathlon in Naperville Sunday morning, anyone else racing?

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