Half Ironman Racine Training: Week 5

Week 5 of half ironman training and mileage has picked up for the bike! Now that my first half marathon is behind me I am able to have more time in the saddle, where much improvement is needed. My first outdoor triathlon of the season is in less than two weeks (Galena) and I have heard that it is a hilly one, which makes me kinda nervous as I have not been outside on my new bike yet. That will change come Saturday, thankfully.

This past weekend on the other hand was great in terms of completing all planned workouts and I exceeded my expectations on my long run.


IMG_1758Woke up early and headed to the gym. I opted to run first, swim after. I ran 4.5 miles with a few short hill sprints thrown in. Completed in about 40 minutes, 9:02 pace. To the pool I went where I swam a cool down of 2,000 yards, 1.14 miles, just under 30 minutes.

During my lunch I went to power yoga for an hour, which always brightens my day!



Second brick of the week, long bike followed by a short run. I had to get this workout in before 8:30AM because I would be busy from 8:30-5 and I sure didn’t want to do it afterwards. So, shortly after 4AM I was on the bike for 35 marvelous miles on my trainer (too dark to ride outside). On a positive note I watched some Revenge and started watching House of Cards, which I am now hooked on! 2 and a half hours later I threw on pants, shirt/zip up, and laced up the running shoes and ran for 10 minutes totaling to about 1.2 miles, 8:16 pace.

My legs did not feel loose on the bike, but I was able to comfortably finish the 35 miles. I felt good on the run, it did not feel as if I was pushing extra hard, I was comfortable and able to get my legs going early.


After my workout the previous morning and being on my feet all of Saturday I woke up feeling sluggish. I somehow managed to snap myself out of it and throw on my running gear and drive to a running path that would be perfect for my long run. Perfect because I would not have to deal with cars/traffic and the loop totaled a little bit under 3 miles, so I would be able to grab water at my car when needed. I love all the forest preserves around here!

I completed just over 3 loops, 9 total miles. I ran to my car after two loops and took my GU, drank water, and took off my top layer. I felt surprisingly strong throughout this run, never hit a bad spot. The path was rolling hills and there was a good amount of wind. 1 hour 21 minutes, 9:05 pace. I was right on track for my desired half marathon pace that I wanted last week and I know I could have held that up for another 4 miles.


Below are my totals for the week, and a good week it was.

  • 4/28 – Cycle: 45 min with 8 x 1 min hard efforts scattered (1 hr 5 min)
  • 4/29 – Swim: 1 hr 20 min, 4400 yards, 2.5 miles Strength: Arms 40 min
  • 4/30 – Power Yoga: 1 hr Cycle: 40 min moderate + 10 min comfortably hard, 12.66 miles, 15.2mph then Run: 4.53 miles with 6 x 30 sec hard efforts scattered, 39:59, 8:49 pace
  • 5/1 – Rest Day
  • 5/2 – Run: 4.5 miles moderate + 4 x 10 sec hill sprints, 40.43 min, 9:02 pace Swim: 29:25 min, 2000 yards, 1.14 miles Power Yoga: 1 hr
  • 5/3 – Cycle: 2 hrs 30:57 min, 35 miles moderate, 13.9 mph + Run: 10 min transition run moderate, 1.21 miles, 8:16 pace
  • 5/4 – Run: 1 hr 21:49 min, 9 miles moderate, 9:05 pace

Run | Time 3 hrs 22 min | Mileage 19.24

Cycle | Time 4 hrs 26 min | Mileage 47.66 (not including 1 hr 5 min on bike)

Swim | Time 1 hr 50 min | Mileage 3.64

Total Time: 12 hrs 18 min     Total Mileage: 70.54

I topped off my week with this delicious meal of seafood! If you are in Chicago, like seafood, then go to Kinmont, really, go. Yum, yum!


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