Life Time Fitness Indoor Tri Championships – Schaumburg Recap

Last Sunday was the Life Time Fitness Indoor Tri Championships for the Chicagoland area. The people at Life Time combined this event with their Cyclepalooza, which was a two-hour spin session with a DJ, lights, and all that good stuff. The set up and scoring was the same as the previous indoor tris. I was the second wave to go at 7:20AM.

My pre race meal was an Ezekiel english muffin with grounded peanuts and a banana. I also sipped on some Nuun during my drive down to Schaumburg. Once I arrived I checked in, picked up my bag, and got ready. I warmed up with a 200 swim and I was feeling good in the water, but my legs had been feeling tight and worn out for the past couple weeks. I pushed any thoughts of fatigue out of my mind once the whistle blew.

The swim started off good, my breathing and stroke were smooth and in control. About 6 or so minutes in my goggles came slightly off my face and filled with water…great. I chose not to stop and fix them, but to swim though it. I pulled them completely off and kept going. This was kinda a bummer as I had to occasionally lift my head before my flip turn, which slowed my pace.

10 minutes, 26 lengths

So, slightly worse than the last indoor tri where I posted 26.5 lengths. I was almost to the half way point too! I can’t be too bummed with the result as I know it would have been better if my goggles stayed on.

10 minute transition to change then on to the bike. A solid 30 minute spin session, averaging 21.3 mph, 10.7 miles. This is .3 miles more than last time! I took three orange cliff shots and water.

IMG_1685 IMG_1684 IMG_1683

The run is where things turned bad. Once we started I wanted it to end. Even though it is only a 20 minute run I just was not feeling it. My legs felt like bricks and I thought about walking, but no that was not going to happen. I muddled through and posted 2.35 miles, .05 less than last time.

Not my best day, but it was not horrible either. I placed 6th in the women’s open. Afterwards I stretched and did some foam rolling.

Now this is where I had my bright idea! Sunday is my long run day and with the half marathon two weeks away I needed to do my 10 miles. With the weather looking bad later in the day I decided to just stay at Life Time and get the 10 miles over and done with. Yes, this run hurt, but not as much as I thought. I definitely needed a boost in terms of nutrition. During the run I took two GUs and drank LOTS of Gatorade.

1 hr 34 min, 9:25 pace

Not too bad considering what came before! I struggled to get through the last few miles and when I was done I could feel the hurt. More stretching followed.


I went down to shower, but heard they were doing awards and raffles now that Cyclepalooza was done so I went to check it out. I ended up winning a Life Fitness Body Shape Kit! Pretty cool and I will definitely be using some of the equipment!

IMG_1697 IMG_1699 IMG_1700

Thanks to Life Time Fitness for hosting all the indoor tris and offering this Championship for free. It is a great way to begin the season and get together with fellow Chicago triathletes. Now that the weather is on the rise we can train and compete outdoors!!!! I have been waiting for the day when I can be outside and not be miserable. That day came today when after my run I laid out on my driveway and soaked up the sun for about 20 minutes. It was heaven.

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