Five Things Monday

1. Life Time Indoor Tri Championships

Over the weekend I competed in the inaugural Life Time Indoor Tri Championships in Schaumburg, IL. The event was combined with Life Time’s Cyclepalooza, so there was a lot going on the entire morning. Although my performance was not stellar, overall I did well. Full recap coming soon.

2. Roka Wetsuit!



Now that is a proud owner of a Roka wetsuit! As someone who has never tried on a wetsuit in their life, this suit felt great. It fits like a glove! I seriously felt lighter in it, like I could float when I jumped. I am excited to test it out in the water, especially open water, to see the difference it has.

3. Half- Marathon on my Mind

I am less than two weeks out from racing in my first half-marathon and nerves are definitely setting in. I am starting to have a ready or not here I come type of attitude.

4. New Book: Serena by Ron Rash



I recently finished The Catcher in the Rye, which was interesting, but not a favorite. Either you related to the main character or you didn’t, what I mainly took away is that he really liked saying “goddam” and “phony.”

I then started a new book , Serena. I am only through chapter three, but I am already intrigued. Doesn’t hurt to know that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence will be playing the leads in the upcoming film version!

5. Chicago Marathon


Well this happened today! I got in to the Chicago Marathon!!! First marathon here I come! I cannot believe that  I would ever attempt to run a marathon in my life, but I am, and I am excited about it. What is going on with me??

My main focus is still on Ironman Racine 70.3 and USAT Nationals though!

2 thoughts on “Five Things Monday

  1. Awesome, I still havent plucked up the courage to enter a marathon even though I have a full marathon after the swim and bike of Ironman Austria next year so I really ought to at some point.

    Let me know how you get on with your sleeveless wet suit I have one with sleeves but was thinking of buying a new one so I would be intrigued to see how you get on. Look forward to following your journey.

    1. Nice, Ironman Austria! Yeah, I was initially not planning on entering a marathon this year, but I gave it a second thought and decided why wait?

      I will definitely let you know how the sleeveless is! Thanks for following!

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