Five Things Monday

1. Sunday Long Run (9 miles)

Temperatures are finally rising! I took full advantage yesterday and went for a 9+ mile trail run. This is my longest run ever and it felt good to complete it, although next week I will have a new long run personal record!

I mapped out the course beforehand, but I never ran this trail before. I had no idea what the terrain was like, I didn’t know the conditions of the trail, or where exactly my next turn would be. So of course the trail was muddy (very) and hilly. I got turned around a few times and had to turn around, but I surprisingly stayed on course for the most part. Parts of the course were paved, but a lot of it was off road and uneven (which I am not used to). This of course severely slowed my pace (I walked a few times and had to slow down to avoid mud/puddles).

That being said it was great to change it up and keep my body guessing. A 9 mile run on pavement will be that much easier.

IMG_1632 IMG_0005_2

Say goodbye to that brand new look!


2. New Purchases!

I stopped by Road Runner Sports and picked up a few essentials.


  • Body Glide – Lubricant for long runs/rides and wetsuits!
  • CEP Compression Calf Sleeves – Second pair, my other ones are full socks and I wanted the calf sleeves for cycling/triathlons
  • Nathan Handheld Water Bottle – For those long runs and my upcoming half-marathon

3. Life Time Indoor Tri Championships!

This upcoming Sunday I will be competing in The Life Time Indoor Tri Championships. I qualified for this event through a lottery process. Since I placed third and had the top women’s swim performance at the Vernon Hills Indoor Tri I was placed in the lottery twice and luckily my name was drawn! This race is free for all those who qualified and it will have the same format as the previous Life Time Indoor Tris. I am excited to compete alongside all the top performers in the Chicagoland area!

4. Food


This is what I usually pack to eat throughout the day at work.


Midday pick me up/indulgence.



Best pizza I have made so far! (Broccoli, asparagus, kale, pepperoni, one egg, mozzarella, and feta and pesto as the sauce)

5. Past Week’s Training Recap

This was week 7 for my Half Marathon Training and the first official week of Half Ironman Training!

  • 3/31 – Cycle: 2 hrs
  • 4/1 – Run: Intervals 3 min fast 1 min slow Z5b & Z3 33 min, 3.6, 9:10 pace
  • 4/2 – Power Yoga: 1 hr
  • 4/3 – Swim: 1 hr 15 min, 4300 yards, 2.44 miles
  • 4/4 – Cycle: 40 min moderate + 8 min comfortably hard Run: Hill Repeats 22:06 min, (1.28, 11 min, 8:35 pace) 2.35, 9:24 pace Power Yoga: 1 hr
  • 4/5 – Rest Day
  • 4/6 – Run: 9.26 miles, 1 hr 35 min, 10:15 pace (trail – muddy, hilly)

Run | Time 2 hrs 30 min | Mileage 15.21

Cycle | Time 2 hrs 48 min | Mileage

Swim | Time 1 hr 15 min | Mileage 2.44

Total Time:  8 hrs 33 min     Total Mileage: 17.65 (excluding cycle)

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