Men’s NCAA March Madness

I completely forgot to mention Michigan State’s big win over the weekend! The men’s basketball team became B1G Tournament Champs! Wooo! Go Green! We rolled over Wisconsin and Michigan on our way to the top and we have a 4 seed going into the NCAA tournament. I am one proud Spartan this year.

Big Ten Basketball Tournament - Championship

Now that all the conference tournaments are over, we can get into the good stuff. The NCAA Basketball tournament starts today, but round 2 starts Thursday. I could not be any more excited! I love this time of year and I love filling out and following my brackets. It is like Christmas for sports fans.

Do you fill out a bracket? Who do you think will win?

Moving on…

This morning I swam before heading into work.

  • 800 choice warm up (freestyle 1:27/100 yard pace)
  • 8×125 @ 2:10 (50 Drill/75 Build)
  • 3×100 Kick @ 2:15 (25 FAST/25 easy, repeat)
  • 8×50 @ :55 (IM switch)
  • 5 x [100 swim @ 1:40 FAST!!
  •       50 easy @ :60]
  • 5 x [50 swim @ 1:00 FAST!!
  •       25 easy @ :30]
  • 600 pull (with paddles)
  • 200 IM drill as cool down

4500 total, 2.55 miles, 1 hour 20 min, 1:40/100 yard pace

I felt fairly strong despite a crook in my neck and a naggle in my left shoulder blade.
Tonight I have a Z2-4 40 minute run. This week is off-load recovery, also known as easy week. My runs will be a lot shorter and just keeping a steady pace. I will still go to yoga and get on the bike twice. I may get in the pool again on Friday as well.

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