How About Adding a 5K Open Swim to the Schedule?

Last Monday I registered for Big Shoulders Open Water Swim Classic. They offer both a 2.5K and a 5K swim, I signed up for the 5K, go big or go home, right?

indexI am very excited about this event! The event is held at the Ohio Street Beach in Chicago. The 5K is a two lap swim near the shore in Lake Michigan. Most people do not wear wetsuits, which I think is great. I have heard great things about this race so it should be fun! However, it is not until the beginning of September, which will be after most, if not all of my triathlons. I will kinda use it as an end to open water swimming for the season.

This will be my first strictly swimming race that I have competed in since senior year high school. Let’s just say that I will be glad to not have to bike and run after!

On another note, let’s recap training so far this week…


I took it to the gym, post work, for hill intervals on the treadmill. I warmed up for 10 minutes then completed 8 x 1 min intervals at a 4% grade, 9:05 pace. 2 minutes in between each interval at the same pace, 0% grade. Then a 10 minute warm down. Total time, 45 minutes, 4.82 miles. Solid run, may have elevated the heart rate a bit too much, no big deal, however, I would much rather do hill intervals outside, on an actual hill. Please get warmer Illinois!


45 min run, followed by 5 min cool down walk!


Yay, Tuesday morning swim! Managed to get my butt out the door at 5AM aIMG_1523nd in the water right before 6, where a lovely set of 20x100s awaited.

  • 300 Swim/300 Pull/300 Drill/300 Kick
  • 4×200 Pull @ 3:00 (3/5/3/7 breathing pattern by 50)
  • 8×25 @ :30 (1/2 FAST!, 1/2 easy)
  • 20×100 @ 1:50 (75 RACE!/ 25 easy)
  • 200 cool down

1 hour 19 minutes, 4,400 yards, 2.5 miles, 1:34/100yrd





Following a BUSY Tuesday night, (I volunteered at my church for an organization, PADS, that offers shelter for the homeless from 11AM to 3AM), I sneaked in 3 hours of sleep and then I was off to work. I was dragging the entire day. My body ached from little sleep. My sleep schedule is very normal and I usually get at least 6 solid hours in each night, so this was a shock to my system.

I attempted to rejuvenate myself during my lunch hour by going to power yoga. I did feel better after stretching and sweating it out. However, I was still in a state of exhaustion and I knew I still needed to get in a spin following work.

I made it on the bike after dinner for 45 minutes 8 x 1:00 min all out scattered – let’s just say that I slept good that night.

3 thoughts on “How About Adding a 5K Open Swim to the Schedule?

  1. Love your blog — keep up the good work. Sounds like we’ll be doing a lot of the same events this year. Also, here’s hoping your name gets drawn for the Indoor Tri Championship!

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