Five Things Monday

1. CRUSH Multisport Season Kick-Off Party

Last night I took the trip down to Chicago for Crush Multisport’s Season Kick-Off Party, the triathlon club I recently joined.

The event was hosted at Core Power, their product is a great tasting high-protein milk shake with simple ingredients. As one of Crush’s sponsors they provided free samples and we were also treated by other sponsors, Metropolis Coffee provided coffee and YUMMY cookies, and Factor 75 served some awesome chili. We were able to try on samples of our tri kits from Pactimo as well.

Core Power (1)



One of the highlights was a Skype session with Chris Lieto, three-time Ironman champ! He discussed his charity, Do More Than Sport, a charity that we are also affiliated with. The website should be up this week! He also rubbed in the fact that he was in warm, sunny Hawaii – no fair. He will be in the Chicago area for Leon’s Triathlon on June 1st!

55758-large_9 Morethansport

It was great meeting some of the team and putting faces with names! I enjoyed my time mingling with everyone and I look forward to this upcoming season.

IMG_15202. Tastee Freez

Saturday consisted of a LONG day, 8 hours on my feet, and then I hit the trainer for an hour and 20, detailed here. What kept me motivated to complete this workout was the ice cream that would follow.

And not just any ice cream, but Tastee Freez! Tastee Freez is our local ice cream place. It has a real hometown feel, with a walk up order window. It just opened up Friday, so of course I had to go opening weekend, I’m a loyal customer! I ordered my usual, medium twist with sprinkles. does anyone else love sprinkles as much as I do!?


It did not disappoint.

3. Dallas Buyers Club


I enjoyed my ice cream while watching Dallas Buyers Club, finally. I have been wanting to watch this movie for a while. Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto won best actor and best supporting actor for their roles in this film, so I knew it had to be good. McConaughey is always fun to watch and the film was great. I fell asleep before the movie was over, but I watched the rest in the morning; and I didn’t fall asleep because it was boring, but because I was that exhausted!

4. The Sun is Shining!

We are having a break from the frigid temperatures at last! Is is reaching the high 40s and I couldn’t be happier. It is supposed to get colder mid-week, but then warm up again by Friday. I just hope that the polar vortex weather is behind us. I am definitely looking forward to spring and training comfortably outside!

5. Busy Week Ahead

I have a crazy week ahead of me, but I will do my best to fit all my workouts in. I have a hill interval running session tonight and I am adding two yoga sessions in there to help me slow things down and restore my body and mind.

With that, have a great week and enjoy the little moments! Try not to get sucked into a hectic schedule!

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