Consistency is Key

Another week in the books! I truly believe that consistency is key in endurance sports. Lately I have been running three to four times a week, cycling at least twice, and swimming twice. As well as yoga and strength thrown in here and there. This week was no different…


Sluggish day. I ran in the evening on the treadmill, but I was super tired and worn out from the previous week.

I ran for 35 min at Z3.5 (average), 3.60 miles. I walked for a bit too for a total of 50 min,  4.68 miles. My legs were definitely not feeling it…



1 hour and 3 min on the trainer. I completed an interval workout, which comprised one leg drills followed by a few 5 min hard efforts and some 20 seconds all out bursts. A few 5 min hard efforts again and then a cool down.

Great session and a good sweat!


AM Swim

  • 300 swim choice
  • 300 pull (3/5 breathing pattern by 50)
  • 4×150 @ 2:45 (50 kick/50 Fist drill/50 swim)
  • 3×400 Pull @ 5:45 (descend 1-3)
  • 100 recovery/easy swim
  • 3×300 Swim 4:30 (descend 1-3)
  • 100 recovery/easy swim
  • 3×200 Pull 3:00 (descend 1-3)
  • 100 recovery/easy swim
  • 3×100 Swim 1:20 (all FAST!)
  • 200 cool down

1 hour 17 min, 4800 yards, 2.7 miles, 1:33/100 yard

Great swim, I felt strong throughout.

PM Run

After work I headed back to the gym and completed a “Hold that Midpoint” Run at Z3.5. Warm-up for about 10 min then I held it at Z3.5 for 40 min, 4.39 miles, 9:05 pace. Awesome run, especially after the tough swim in the morning and work all day.


Rest Day


AM Run

I got in my run before work. 55 min total, 6 miles, 9:09 pace.


Happy to be up and running at 6AM!



Part of the run involved a threshold field test. Averaged out my bpm for 20 min, that came after my warm-up and another 10 minutes of hard effort, my threshold came to be 177 bpm.


Be KIND to your body!

Mid-day Yoga

During my lunch hour I headed to the gym to try out their Power Yoga class. I wasn’t sure if this class would be challenging enough. Most gyms that offer yoga do not have hard classes, but I was pleasantly surprised by this class. The teacher was awesome and I definitely got the workout I wanted. I will be coming back for more. She teaches the class Wednesday and Friday from 12PM-1PM, so I would be able to come during my lunch hour! Score!


Busy Saturday. I got in my workout at the end of my day, 1 hour and 20 min on the trainer with 6 x 30 seconds scattered. I watched Scandal during this time and it was a good episode! Kept me distracted Haha!


My plan was to run a steady Z3 for an hour, but after Friday’s run and yoga session, the outside of my right calf has been hurting. It feels strained and I do not know if it is from the increase in mileage or yoga. With that I took it kinda easy today.

I warmed up with 10 min on the stair master then a 10 min easy run for 1 mile. I then swam 2,000 meters for 32:21 min followed by a 100 meter cool down. I negative split my second 1,000. The first 1,000 I averaged 1:38/100 meter then my second 1,000 was an average of 1:35/100 meter. Very happy with this swim.


Post workout recovery at its finest! Ezekiel bread with homemade peanut butter with a side of dark chocolate almond milk!

I am thrilled with the progress I have been making in all three disciplines. Keeping at it one day at a time. I really strive to not miss a session, but I  also listen to my body and back down a bit if I feel like I could be at risk for an injury.

I hope everyone else had a great week!

  • 3/3 – Run: Steady Eddy Z3.5 35 min (50 min total), 4.68 miles
  • 3/4 – Cycle: Interval, 1 hr 3 min
  • 3/5 – Swim: 1 hr 17 min, 4800 yards, 2.7 miles Run: Hold That Midpoint Z3.5 50 min (40 min recorded), 4.39 miles, 9:05 pace
  • 3/6 – Rest Day
  • 3/7 – Run: Threshold Field Test 55 min, 6 miles, 9:09 pace Power Yoga: 1 hr
  • 3/8 – Cycle: 1 hr 20 min with 6 x 30 sec sprints scattered
  • 3/9 – Run: 10 min Stair Master 10 min Run, 1 mile Swim: 32:21, 2100 meters, 1.3 miles

Run | Time 2 hrs 45 min | Mileage 16.07

Cycle | Time 2 hrs 23 min | Mileage

Swim | Time 1 hr 50 min | Mileage 4

Total Time:  8 hrs 8 min     Total Mileage: 20.07 (excluding cycle)

5 thoughts on “Consistency is Key

  1. I love that you log everything you do so you can look back and be proud. I need to start recording my workouts- I usually just go enough cardio to burn a goal amount of calories. I will try your method! :)

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