Weekend Happenings

This weekend was somewhat light, 2 hours and 22 min of training…

Quick Recap of Weekend Training

Friday: Rest day, much needed.

Saturday: 1 hour run followed by 2,000 meters swimming

I went to the gym and completed 5 min warm-up Z1, 25 min Z4, 5 min cool-down Z2, 25 min Z4, then I cooled down with a 5 min walk.

My first 25 min in Z4 I kept a 8:27 pace for majority of the time. My second 25 min was slower. I took a minute break and walked at the half-way point then completed the next 10 or so minutes at a 9:30 pace…I was feeling it. I really hit the treadmill hard this past week and I didn’t want to completely over-extend myself. My overall distance for the 60 min was 6.68 miles at a 8:58 pace.


I then jumped in the pool (which felt great since I was so hot) and did a 2,000 meter active recovery. I took these 2,000 meters and really stretched and lengthened my stroke. It felt great on my body as it loosened my legs as well as my arms…I could feel the soreness from my lifting session.

2,000 meters, 2.24 miles, 34:18 min, 1:43/100 meter. 1:34/100 yard

I split the two 1,000 meters

  • First split: 17:18
  • Second split: 17:00

Sunday: 40 min moderate + 8 min hard on the trainer

I took it to the trainer yesterday for a short spin session. 48 minutes total, 40 min moderate and then a hard 8 min. I felt surprisingly strong in those 8 min.

Few other happenings over the weekend…

New Haircut!

On Saturday I got my haircut and I love it! I was dieing to get it shortened, my hair needed it and I needed a bit of change. It is much easier to maintain and does not get in the way as much when I am working out!



Academy Awards Party

Sunday night was spent at my Aunts, she had a viewing party of the Academy Awards, which was fantastic (the party and the show). Ellen was great as always, the host really makes the show in my opinion. She kept it casual and involved the audience and stars, which made it less stiff. My Aunt has been hosting a viewing party every year since I can remember. When I was younger we used to dress up really fancy, in dresses and suits. She always makes chocolate golden Oscars for everyone to take home, as well as a CD of the nominated songs. So fun!

IMG_1487This year everyone was asked to bring a movie themed appetizer from any of the nominated films. Everyone did a fantastic job and the food was delicious! We voted on best theme, appearance, and taste and those who won were given awards.



Clever! Theme from Wolf of Wall Street

We also filled out our picks/guesses for who would win each Oscar nominated category accompanied by a $5 friendly wager.

Now I have a list of movies to watch, I have only seen two of the nominated movies!

To wrap it all up I totaled up my training for last week…

Week 2 Half Marathon Training

  • 2/24 – Run: 1.5 miles Speed Test + Z3 30 min, 57 min, 5.72 miles
  • 2/25 – Swim: 1 hr 4 min, 3800 yards, 2.16 miles
  • 2/26 – Run: Heart Rate Ladder 50:19 min 5.51 miles, 9:15 pace | Cycle: 1 hr moderate
  • 2/27 –Run: Z3 Steady Eddy 1 hr 5 min, 6.90, 9:23 pace Strength Training: Arms, 40 min
  • 2/28 – Rest Day
  • 3/1 – Run: Z1 warm-up, Z4 90% effort for 25 min, Z2 cool down 5 min, repeat 1 hr, 6.68, 8:58 pace Swim: 34:18 min, 2000 meters, 1.24 miles
  • 3/2 – Cycle: 40 min moderate + 8 min comfortably hard

Run | Time 3 hr 52.19 min | Mileage 24.81

Cycle | Time 1 hr 48 min | Mileage (30?)

Swim | Time 1 hr 38 min | Mileage 3.4

Total Time:  7 hrs 58.37     Total Mileage: 28.21 (excluding cycle) 

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