This Running Thing Hurts

Let’s take a look at how my training has been going this week…


Details of my run can be seen here, total mileage 5.72.


5:50AM Swim

  • 300 swim/100 Tarzan drill
  • 300 pull/100 Kick
  • 8×50 @ :50 ( 15 yards FAST!/35 easy
  • 100 IM easy/recovery (fly is drill)
  • 3×300 Pull @ 4:15 (100 fast/50 easy, repeat)
  • 5×200 Swim @ 3:05 (100 free/100 IM)
  • 8×50 @ :50 (15 yards FAST!/35 easy)
  • 200 cool down (50 kick/50 shark drill/100 swim

I took splits for the 5×200 Swim @ 3:05, there were as follows

  1. 2:57.8
  2. 2:58.2
  3. 3:01.7
  4. 2:59.8
  5. 3:02.7

3,800 yards, 2.16 miles, 1 hr 4 min, 1:36 min/100 yard



6:15AM Run on the treadmill

Heart Rate Ladder 50:19 min, 5.51 miles, 9:15 pace

This run started with 5 min in Z2 and then progressed 5 bpm every 5 minutes until I reached the top of Z4 and then I decreased 5 bpm until I was back at the bottom of Z2. My average heart rate was 164 and the max was 178. I should have done more of a warm up before I began. It took a while for my heart rate to get up, but when it did it stayed there and it was difficult to progress back down the ladder. It was a strong run for me however, I see progress.

Loads of stretching followed.


Back at work I enjoyed some much needed fuel.


7:26PM Cycling on the trainer

I am amazed that I got on the trainer last night. I was half asleep on the couch when I somehow got the energy to get up put in 1 hour on the saddle. I watched the Bulls play during the ride, it was enjoyable since they were playing well!

1 hour Z2




5:28PM Run on the treadmill & weights

Another run!? This is unheard of for me, my legs and knees are feeling it too. I decided to sleep in a little this morning (til 5:45, yes this is sleeping in) and give my body some extra rest. So, I went to work and then went straight to the gym where I would spend my next 2 hours.

The run was a Z3 steady state 1 hr 5 min run. I completed 6.90 miles at a 9:23 min/mi pace. Average heart rate was 160 and max 177.


I really had to push myself and break the mental barrier that was telling me to stop. At times like that I think about what I am working towards and chant other mantras. It really works! Find a phrase that really motivates you and push through those tough workouts!

I then stretched for a while before I completed a tough arm workout.

  • 20 Standing Side Crunches (30 pounds) Repeat other side
  • 24 Bicep Burners (8 full, 8 halfway, 8 full) (15 pounds)
  • 15 Shoulder Presses (12.5 pounds)
  • 15 Tricep Kickbacks (10 pounds)
  • 15 Hammer Curls (15 pounds)
  • 15 Reverse Flys (10 pounds)
  • 15 Side Should External Rotation (7.5 pounds) Repeat other side
  • 15 Upright Rows (15 pounds)
  • 24 Bicep Burners (15 pounds)


I did these exercises back to back with minimal rest in-between. I would say I took a minute to two minute break in-between. The pounds indicate which set of dumbbells I used.

It has been a tough week and I am looking forward to rest day tomorrow! My body really needs to recover for the weekend and this running thing is hard work, I can swim forever no problem, but I am really trying to focus on improving my run. It better be working…haha patience.

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