LifeTime Fitness Indoor Tri – Vernon Hills Recap

This past weekend I competed in an Indoor Triathlon hosted by LifeTime Fitness. We went in waves of 10, I signed up for the first wave, which had a start time of 7AM.

I woke up at 5AM on Sunday and did my normal morning routine. I gathered my gear and left the house around 6AM with my dad. He is a member of the club so he decided to come along and it was great having him there as a little bit of motivation and support!

We arrived at 6:30AM and I signed in and collected my bib, cap, and shirt.



So, the race began with a 10 min swim, followed by 10 min for transition, 30 min on a stationary bike, 5 min for transition, and then it ended with 20 min on the treadmill. Our efforts were measured by the distance we completed for each discipline. Top points were earned by the person who went the farthest. For example if there were 100 people participating the person with the farthest swim was awarded 100 points, second person 99 and so on.

As I said before there were 10 people in each wave so we were paired up with one person for the swim. I was able to get in a few laps of warm-up before start time to loosen everything up. The swim flew by, I completed 26.5 lengths in the allotted 10 min, which comes out to be about 675 yards (I believe the pool was yards, not positive though).


Transition was a breeze. I was nervous that I wouldn’t have time to change and make it up to the third floor without feeling rushed, but it was fine. One of the volunteers even helped position my seat and put my feet in the holsters! Very thankful for him.

The bike was a fun leg. They had one of the Kona races playing, which was great motivation. Again the volunteers were great, Don, our wave leader was awesome. He was encouraging everyone, fanning people, and letting us know how much time we had left. All the bikes had computers, so we knew our mph, the distance we were covering and so on. My dad even got on one of the bikes and got in a workout! Haha I loved looking back and seeing him getting a good sweat in.

I biked 10.3 miles in 3o min (20.6 mph) Pretty decent I’d say, considering my legs were hurting from the beginning.


Oh yeah, the girl next to me, qualified and competed in Kona last year…insanely good! She ended up winning for females and tied for second overall.

We made a short walk down a flight of stairs and to the treadmills, along the way I took a Gu. Not sure if it helped any.

The worst part…the run. It was a struggle, but I completed 2.4 miles in 20 min, 8:20 average pace. This run hurt, but it only makes me want to work harder at improving!





Done! Smiles all around.

I cooled down, chatted with a few people, took a shower, then enjoyed some of this…



Results were posted late that night. I came in 3rd overall for females with the best swim for females, 2nd best overall. Not too shabby.



It was a fun experience and I am glad I participated as it is getting me psyched for racing. It is also a good benchmark to look back on.


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