Five Things Monday

1. Today’s Workout 

Today I needed to run a 1.5 mile speed test followed by a Z3 30 min run. Of course the temperature is still in single digits and since I would rather not freeze my eyeballs and face off, I found another way to get my run in…

I signed up for an XSport Fitness Express 7-day pass! Woo! I have been gym hopping all winter, I refuse to get a membership! There is one right by my work so I brought my running gear to work and immediately went there after I finished up around 4:30PM.

Of course they showed me around, tried to get me to sign a membership, until it was made clear that I just wanted the 7 days. The gym was packed! Fortunately, I was there early enough to get a treadmill before the big rush came in.

I completed a 10 min warm-up, 1 mile. I then did a 1.5 mile speed test. I completed the 1.5 miles in 11:40 at a 7:54 pace. Pretty decent for me, I really had to push myself. My max heart rate was 185 and I was probably averaging 180. I then ran a Z3 3o min run, or tried to. I walked a bit to get my heart rate to go down, but I still averaged 175 bpm. A 5 min walking cool down was added to the end.

Total: 5.72 miles 57 min




2. LifeTime Fitness Indoor Tri – Vernon Hills

Sunday, I competed in the Vernon Hills LifeTime Fitness Indoor Tri! I will have the recap up tomorrow! It went really well and has me excited for the season.



3. New Book – Dark Place, by Gillian Flynn

I finished This Is Where I Leave You (loved it, hilarious, was literally laughing out loud), and now I have started Dark Place, by Gillian Flynn. Definitely a change of pace from my previous book. This is a dark, mysterious, crime thriller. I have not read much of it yet, but I am intrigued and want to read more!


4. Training Recap – 1st week of Half Marathon Training

  • 2/17 – Cycle: 40 min moderate with 4 x 30 sec sprints scattered
  • 2/18 – Swim: 1 hr 17 min, 4800 yards, 2.72 miles
  • 2/19 – Rest Day
  • 2/20 – Cycle: 1 hr 45 min Moderate
  • 2/21 – Rest Day
  • 2/22 – Run: Easy 30 min, 3.23 miles Yoga: 30 min
  • 2/23 – LifeTime Indoor Tri Swim: 10 min, 675 yards (.38 miles), 1:29/100yard Cycle: 30 min, 10.3 miles, 20.6 mph Run: 20 min, 2.4 miles, 8:20 pace

Run | Time 50 min | Mileage 5.63 miles

Cycle | Time 2 hrs 55 min | Mileage 10.3 miles

Swim | Time 1 hr 27 min | Mileage 3.1 miles

Total Time: 5 hrs 42 min      Total Mileage: 19.13 miles (Excludes majority of cycling)

This week I did not get in as much running as I would have hoped. I did take an extra rest day so I would not be completely run down before the indoor tri event. I did however have a solid bike and swim session and a great “race.”

5. Yoga

The more I practice, the deeper I fall in love. I want to set aside more time to practice at home. I was able to get in a 30 min session on Saturday before heading into work (yes, I did go into work on Saturday), and it felt amazing! I always feel myself improving and I am able to get deeper into poses and do other poses that I was not able to do before! It is amazing what the body can do!

For those who have not tried yoga, I highly recommend it! Especially for triathletes. I believe it helps prevent injuries, as well as, improve flexibility, strength, and overall wellness. It is nice to “take a break” and focus on breathing, but do not be fooled it is a hard workout too!




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